How Much Does It Cost To Outsource A mobile App

Mobile app development companies are scattered around the world to develop mobile apps that will solve daily life problems and also earn them money.

To make this article engaging and understanding, it will be better to start by defining what the word ‘outsource’ means.

Literarily, when we say how much it costs to outsource a mobile app, what we are actually saying is how much it costs to obtain a mobile app from an outside developer.

The cost of outsourcing an app can determine location, complexity, and features.

We will give estimates of how much it courses to outsource an app depending on various industries.

  • Matchmaking apps costs between $70-180
  • Networking apps costs between $20-$40
  • Banking apps costs between $50-$80
  • E-commerce apps costs between $40-$90
  • Transportation apps costs between $40-$150
  • Real Estate apps costs between $13000-$15000

Some factors will determine how much it will cost to outsource a mobile app. These factors will be explained below.

1. Know What You Want

If you want to outsource an app, at least it has to be developed first. You should be able to find out what the app can do if created. As we all know that some mobile applications are used for free while others request payment from the user. This decision is also one important decision you have to make. If you create a free mobile app on Google play store, for example, you cannot change it to a paid app. If you want to earn from it, you have to create another mobile application entirely.

2. Do Your Research

If you give an app developer a job to help you create a mobile app, two things can be derived from this. The first is that you do not have the skill and expertise to create a mobile app. Secondly, you can have the skill and expertise, but you might be busy with other things.

There is no doubt that you will fall into one of the two categories, but that does not mean you should not stand up to your responsibilities. Giving an app developer a job is not enough; you need to monitor and supervise the work they are doing. You have to have a project description, a list of features, the flow of users, and a whole lot of other features.

It is also important to note that supervision should have a limit. You are not expected to call and send messages every day to the person you have given a job.

3. Interrogate and choose a mobile app developer

Once you know the type of mobile app you are looking for, and you have drawn out your plans effectively, the next step is to talk to someone who shares your ideologies. Someone who knows the exact thing you are looking for and can interpret it perfectly.

Interrogating the person should be like a normal job interview. You have to look at their expertise in mobile app development and see if his expertise can deliver what you are looking for. Another thing you have to look at is the level of experience. Also, check his portfolios to see if he or she has handled jobs that are related to the one that you are offering.

4. Enough Test

Certainly, you are not developing a mobile app for your own use or your family use. The fact is that your target is the global audience. Whether it is free or paid, the acceptability will depend largely on the quality. The fact that a mobile developer is developing a free mobile app does not mean he or she should do an average job, because there will be someone that will do it better and generate the necessary traffic to his or her mobile app.

One or two tests after the mobile app has finally been created are not good enough. There have to be repeated tests very often. During every test, you should focus on what you are looking for. Check every feature thoroughly and make sure it is worthy of use before you contemplate releasing it to the general public.

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