How to Avoid a Garage Door Repair

No matter how you try to avoid it, home repairs are inevitable. Your garage door, for example, regardless of brand and price, will experience wear and tear over time. However, there are certain ways to help you avoid early repair issues or repetitive repair costs. A garage door is an expensive investment, and you will be putting your property’s security at risk once it stops working properly. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid an emergency garage door repair. 

Listen to your garage door.

You can easily tell if there is something wrong with your garage door by the sound it makes. If you can hear a grinding or screeching sound whenever you open or close the door, check on it right away to prevent bigger issues. Strange noises from your garage door can be a sign of a frayed cable or dirt buildup. Sometimes, it could be the bearings and rollers telling you it is time to lubricate them. 

Check on all working parts.

Be sure to inspect all the working parts or components of your garage door for potential problems, so you can quickly fix or correct them. You can start with your garage door opener, torsion and extension springs, cables, bottom brackets, and operator rail. Additionally, it’s highly important to educate yourself regarding the different component functions of your garage door and how to check on them. One way to spot issues on your garage door is to unplug and open the door manually. If it slams to the ground when you let it go, then there could be a problem with your garage door spring. 

Handle with care.

The way you handle your garage door can tell if you’ll be needing a repair anytime soon. Unless you keep it real smooth when you lift or lower your door, you can expect a lot of structure issues later on. Make sure to read your garage door owner’s manual to learn more about the model you own, their proper operations, and maintenance needs. 

Perform regular cleaning or washing.

Debris and dirt buildup can affect the functioning of your entire garage door. Cleaning and washing it regularly can help protect your investment and prolong the life of your door. What is an hour of cleaning work compared to a thousand dollars you’ll probably spend on a repair or replacement service? Make the right decision. Give some love to your garage door by taking on spring cleaning this year.

Ensure quality installation.

Garage door system malfunctions occur when a high-quality installation is not observed. You could be wasting your money buying a top-grade garage door unit when you can’t even install it correctly in your garage. Never take risks and leave the installation job to the hands of inexperienced amateurs. Only deal with a licensed and experienced garage door contractor.  

Aside from the high possibility of dealing with a costly reinstallation or repair later on, you could also be meeting serious security issues if your garage door is poorly installed. 

Schedule door tune-ups with a professional

The average garage door can last for 20 years if provided with proper care and maintenance. Aside from the routine checkups and cleaning that every owner should do, a regular tune-up service from a professional garage door company is necessary to ensure reliable, safe, and quiet operation. A garage door tune-up process includes checking on your garage door’s hardware and tightening loose brackets and bolts, lubricating the chain or screw, and testing the balance of your garage door. 

Before a simple garage door problem can escalate and cost you a lot of money on repairs, make sure to consult with a reliable professional. Reputable garage door companies like Garage Door Repair Surrey will be able to take care of all your garage door needs, no matter what style or brand of garage door you have.