How to Become an AV Technician

In some systems like television and conditioning of image and sound rooms, only the sound and image technician got expertise. 

Most of the time these professionals work in AV production companies, television networks, dubbing studios, radio platforms and audio recording stations. 

It is actually into the account of controlling studio equipment and video recording systems, treatment of images, sounds and acoustics.

Additionally, it not only designs video and audio equipment but also performs analysis and maintenance. It controls the vibration, noise and signal quality. 

Besides this all, these AV technicians deal with AV processing while recording and production of programs. 

Why study Digital Audiovisual Communication Technician?

It is necessary to train the competent and innovative technicians, with a strong seal of respect for ethical behavior and social responsibility. 

The Audiovisual Production Technician is a superior level technician trained to operate systems and equipment at each stage of the production of audiovisual pieces. 

Also considering resources, media, and content in various formats and broadcast media, based on quality standards and current regulations in the industry.

Time Period

During the 5th semester, students will be able to opt for the title of higher-level technicians by completing a practice and qualification process as established in the Institution’s Academic Regulations.

Entry requirements for AV Technician

High School License and Identity Card is required for the entry test of AV technicians.

What does an AV Technician do?

The Audiovisual Production Technician will be able to work efficiently in television stations, audiovisual production companies, and events, either as a dependent worker or in rendering services. 

The skills acquired during their training also enable them to generate their own workspaces by providing the AV installation services in the field of audiovisual production or event production.


  • Plan an audiovisual recording
  • Handling video equipment
  • Apply health and safety regulations
  • Adapt to the type of communication medium
  • Maintain electrical equipment
  • Transfer audiovisual material without cutting to the computer
  • Maintain audiovisual material
  • Maintain electronic equipment
  • Manage audio equipment

Elective knowledge and skills

  • He should be quick and experience in its work
  • Av Technician should have good teamwork capabilities
  • Good management skills
  • Good listening and handling skills


  • Carry out the adjustment of the different technical parameters of the video signal.
  • Know the principles and physiology of sound.
  • Perform the adjustment and capture and registration of images with the industrial video camera.
  • Apply the basic techniques of operating equipment and audio and video recording and reproduction media.
  • Apply basic image composition techniques.
  • Apply the means and techniques of industrial video montage.
  • Carry out the installation, adjustment, and management of sound equipment.
  • Carry out the installation and handling of different projection equipment.
  • Apply safety and hygiene regulations at work in audiovisual productions and shows to guarantee compliance and prevent possible accidents and losses.

So, up till now, you know complete detail about Av technicians, course requirements, and required skills. Besides this all, if you found anything difficult while reading this blog, ask us in the comment section below.