How To Book A Cabin On The Internet

Those two weeks of vacation you get annually can feel like the most important time of the year. When you’re burned out from work and need the chance to unwind without worrying about the next day, aholiday feels like a godsend. Whether you plan to stay up and talk into the night with your significant other like in the old days, go out drinking with your friends, or spend some quality time bonding with your kids, these holidays are important. That’s why it is just as important you pick the right place to stay when choosing your vacation destination.

It can get rather confusing, as there are a lot of options online for holiday cabin rentals. You want to be sure you don’t make a mistake, as this is the only chance you have to get away from the mundane routine of the year. This guide will help you avoid the most common mistakes people make while booking a rental cabin.

Make your booking in advance

Time is always of the essence when it comes to planning your vacation. If you’re planning on going to a rather popular tourist spot, you need to ensure the first thing you do is book the cabin. You often get better rates and locations when you book months in advance, and you might even be able to secure a package deal that includes amenities like an airport shuttle or free tickets to a local event. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at a beachfront house in Miami or Pigeon Forge cabins in Tennessee. By making your reservations well ahead of time, you would be able to secure better rates and deals.

Moreover, there are often raised prices towards the start of the peak season, as only a few cabins are left. In a worst-case scenario, you might find no place left to rent, and you’d be stuck in a small hotel room or completely replanning your vacation.

Ask for better rates

There is one other benefit to booking in advance, but this one only applies if you put in the effort. Most cabin rental companies allow their employees some leeway in the rates when securing a reservation. Towards the start of the peak season, most of the cabins will be full, and there is no incentive for the company to offer a discount. However, if you make your booking when a lot of cabins are still empty, the company is motivated to fill them up. This puts you in a position where you can call them up or connect on their website’s chat function and ask for a discount or deal.

There is always the chance that you might not get a discounted rate, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask. Even if it’s a few hundred dollars, that could be the difference between dinner at a fancy restaurant and picking up a low-quality burger during your holiday.

Don’t judge solely on photos

Have you ever taken a selfie and thought you look much better in the image than in real life? The same can apply to photographs from the cabin you’re looking to rent. These images are often taken by a professional and edited to make the area look appealing. You need to give it more thought than just scrolling through the gallery. If a room looks spacious, it might be the effect of using an ultrawide angle lens. It’s a good idea to check the dimensions of the rooms if given and be sure it really is as big as it seems in the photographs.

Speaking of which, you should also pay attention to the parts of the cabin that aren’t photographed. If the exterior is not shown completely, there is a risk that it might be less well-kept than the interior. Whenever in doubt, look up reviews from others that have stayed at that cabin, or call ahead and ask for more details. You don’t want to be in for any surprises when you get to the location.

Research the location

Cabin rentals are a little trickier than hotels, as you don’t know the exact address until you’ve made your reservation. At times, a company owns many cabins distributed across the region, and you could end up in any one of them. In other cases, you might be renting your cabin from a private individual. In both cases, the exact address is held back for privacy reasons, which is understandable.

However, it could become problematic for you. You could rent the cabin thinking it’s quite close to the national park you intend to visit, only to find out it’s a twenty-minute drive. You may not get the exact address, but you can at the very least ask for the street on which the cabin is located. This would let you figure out how far it is from the destinations you plan to visit. If you can’t get to the street either, speak to the person making the booking, explain which parts of the city you hope to see during your trip, and ask if the cabin is close to them.

The popular choice isn’t always the best one

There are a number of cabin rental options that showcaseseveral reviews because they’re quite popular. While this can mean the rentals are a safe bet, it also means that they might be charging a premium for that peace of mind. Tourism is a constantly changing industry, and new players are entering the market every year. It would be beneficial to go beyond the first page of Google and look into alternative options that are available.

Perhaps a private individual has a cabin listed as an Airbnb for the first time, or there is a secondary company that misses out on a few amenities, but offers much lower rental rates. One of the benefits of booking in advance is that it gives you the time to shortlist your options and make the best possible choice. Even if it turns out that your first choice was the best one, it’s better to have that be an informed decision rather than a lazy one.


As you can tell by now, the most important part of booking a cabin online is ensuring you do so in a timely manner. This would allow you to secure the best location, double-check the interior details, scout for a better deal, and make the most of your vacation home. With the help of the five tips listed in this guide, you’re sure to get a great cabin and enjoy your time away from home.