How To Call Someone Who Has Blocked You?

Did you get blocked by someone? Would you however want to call to the same person who have blocked you from  calling him or her? In this article, I will share with you How To Call Someone who has blocked you.

While the call blocking function on iPhone and Android Smartphones is very good for blocking troublesome callers and spammers.

This article would assist those people who have been unfairly blocked by someone, Means If a someone owes you money or any other thing and now have blocked you from calling.

Or, This article would also be very helpful for those people who desperately wants to call someone when they’re in emergency or any other reason.

Ways To Call Someone Who Blocked You

There are a few ways to call a person who have blocked you. Weather you’re a Iphone user or Android user, There are some simples easy steps you can follow to call someone who’ve blocked you. Let’s discuss some of the below:

Hide your caller ID

You can try to hide your caller ID. It’s generally essential and it helps in masking your personality when contacting someone who have blocked you. The receiver will not manage to know who is contacting them and this might quick her or him to answer your call.

If you are an Iphone user and want to hide your caller ID on iPhone, The follow the steps:

Visit your settings in your Iphone and go to the “Phone” from the settings. Select “Display My Caller ID” and then click on “OFF”

For android users: In setting section ,call, then click additional. Now, Select “Caller ID” from there under it press Hide Number. Now, Your calls will remain hidden.

Call From Still another Number

The simplest and the easiest option to Call Someone Who Has Blocked Your Phone Number would be to borrow a smartphone from someone else and create a contact to the one who has blocked your number.

Because the brand new number that you’re contacting from shouldn’t be blocked from that person, this person on one other conclusion will have chance that he or she might attend your call.

Dial *67 From Your Phone

Dialing *67 from your mobile phone will simply mask your number and will appear as “Unknown” to the one whom you are calling.

How to use *67 code

You need to dial *67 before the number you want to call. For Example: *6707890000.

By Using Random Apps

Another method to call someone who blocked you is to use the apps. There are many apps available on Play Store you can download the apps.

These apps will generate random mobile number. When you make a call using that app it will generate the random number and the receiver will not be able to recognize that number neither he or she can trace that number.


Getting blocked by someone is frustrating, In case you want to call someone but he has already blocked you, You can simply follow these steps mentioned above. So, You can easily contact or call someone who has blocked you.