How to Choose a Right Wifi Smart Lock for Your Front Door

Why do you need a wifi smart lock?

If you often forget to take the key to go out, if you want better home security protection and a smart and more convenient lifestyle, you should choose a wifi smart lock. The wifi smart door lock allows you to have more control. When you go home with many things, you don’t need to free up your hands to unlock, and you can use the voice unlocking function of the wifi smart door lock to unlock. When you shower at night and lie in bed, you are not sure if you have locked the door. In the past, you could only overcome laziness and get up from the bed again to check if the door lock is locked. But after installing a wifi smart lock, you only need to check the lock status of the door on your mobile phone or directly lock the door through APP. The wifi smart lock will significantly facilitate your life.

Wifi & smart lock

Wifi is available as an optional add-on with some smart locks. The keyless smart door lock can be used in conjunction with the wifi Gateway. After enabling wifi, you can remotely lock and unlock the door, create a new user or access password anywhere, and view the lock’s status. Using wifi to connect your smart lock to the Internet will provide you with more available options.

Can wifi smart lock be connected to Alexa & Google Home?

Smonet wifi smart lock can work together with Alexa and Google Home. By connecting Alexa and Google Home, you can better control wifi smart lock. You can control this smart lock with your voice by connecting it to your Alexa device.

Wifi smart lock with free APP

By connecting APP to Smonet wifi smart lock, you can realize remote sharing. You can generate temporary codes and share them with your friends or guests. You won’t need to wait for them at home or to worry about getting your keys back. Besides, you can view the event history of your wifi fingerprint door lock with the APP. You can know when your friends or guests enter and exit your home. You are allowed to receive real-time notifications and check the latest 500 openings wherever you are.

Alarm function

Smarter than traditional physical locks, Smonet wifi smart lock has an Alarm function. If the battery is running out, Smonet wifi smart lock will emit a low-battery warning sound. The wifi smart lock’s battery status will also be updated on the app. Smonet wifi smart lock can be unlocked with a backup power supply. The keyless smart door lock has a USB port or battery to supplement the backup power supply, so you don’t have to worry about the situation where the wifi smart door lock is out of power and cannot be unlocked. Besides, if someone tries to gain access in an unusual way, the built-in anti-intrusion technology of this smart door lock will issue an alert to the app on your phone. You can better control your door lock with the keyless smart door lock.

Why Smonet wifi smart lock?

Smonet company has the best wifi smart door lock. Smonet door lock has a variety of unlocking methods. You can unlock it using fingerprints, passwords, apps, IC cards, mechanical keys, etc. You can connect the wifi smart door lock with Alexa and Google Home, making the applications of mobile phones or voices to control the smart lock come true. Smonet door locks can work in a low-temperature environment without being affected. It has a working temperature range between – 20 ~ 70 ℃. Smonet door lock has a long battery life, and you can enjoy their 30-days free return and 1-year product warranty. Contact them for more information about the wifi smart lock.