How To Connect External Screen To Mac

If you used to spend most of your time working in the office, then you are possibly feeling somewhat limited while working at home, especially you only own a laptop. Luckily, there are a number of methods to improve your work environment at home and the best way to do that is with an external monitor. This allows you to make use of one screen, while you use the other for convenience. Or, you could always use one screen to play a movie, while you work on  the other. The choice is yours! In this regard, if you own an HDMI television that should suffice as an external screen. But, before we begin let us talk about the elephant in the room.

If you own a PC, then plugging to an external screen is quite simple, because you all it takes is a HDMI cable and you are all set. But, when it comes to Macs, things can become very tricky. This is because most Mac’s nowadays have been seriously slimmed down by Apple, which means there is less connection ports to plug into. As such, it can be quite almost impossible to plug into an external screen, unless you have access to a hdmi hub.

These external devices will help expand the level of your ports and allow you to plug into any external monitor quite easily. Most of the hubs in the market today usually offer about 1080p resolution. However, if you need one with a higher resolution, you can always purchase one from Lention. As they offer hubs that come with 4K compatibility, along with other formats.

HDMI Cable

As we stated, this method is the easiest and fastest method to plug into an external screen. However, you would either need a PC laptop to pull this off or an a Mac that is one of the older models. If you own one of these, then this process should be fairly straightforward! Moreover, you can choose to switch to another screen instead, if you decide that you prefer to use a bigger main display. You just have to connect any external peripherals that you need and ensure that your laptop is fully charged. Then shut the lid and voila!

However, if you prefer to split between the two monitors, then you make sure that your Mac is in a stable and comfortable position for easy use. In this respect, we suggest purchasing yourself a laptop desk stand. These will let you raise your Mac to a position that ensures it won’t accidentally fall off the desk, while working. It also means that you will have a good angle to work and view from. Moreover, it also helps reduce the likelihood of any health related problems, such as poor posture, back pain, eye strain or neck pain.

Alternatively, if you own an iPad, you can opt to use it wirelessly with the new Apple screen-sharing system. However, the only problem is that the external screen will now be in a smaller size. But, the good news is that if you already have another extra monitor, then you can still choose to utilize the iPad as an added screen as well!

However, keep in mind that your device must be updated to the Catalina OS and also comes with the Sidecar feature. Also, take care to check and see if you have the latest iOS 13.0 on your iPad. Once you are confident that they have all the necessary features and software updates, you must then place both devices next to each other and make sure that they are activated. After which, click on the AirPlay button that is located on the top of your Mac’s menu bar. From ther, you should be able to find the iPad and then select it. The screen share should begin working. An added benefit of this feature is that you will also be able to utilize an Apple Pencil to edit and draw on the iPad. This makes it a very convenient feature, most especially for graphic designers and artists.

Moreover, you may also decide to make use of some wireless earphones to help make the work experience so much more enjoyable too! If you don’t already own some, then we suggest investing in bluetooth 5.0 earbuds from Lention. These are more preferred over using wired earphones or headphones because it not only gives you extra room to move around but it will also help reduce the amount of clutter on your workspace, as well. Moreover, these earbuds are loaded with a highly intuitive and advanced touch control interface. This provides extra comfort and ease-of-use. Also, they offer a wide range of use of up to 10m distance, which means that there is no concern about the audio glitching, lagging or cutting out if you decide to move around the room.