How to create an architectural rendering

Architectural 3D visualization of building exteriors is most often used for project presentation. Architectural 3D visualization is often used at the sketch stage to check the architectural solution, when participating in tenders, exhibitions. High-quality architectural 3D visualization has a high degree of persuasiveness, which is important at all stages of project approval, and especially when working with a customer.

Not every customer of a design project is able to accurately represent the final result from drawings and sketches. Good imagination is indispensable: you need to simultaneously visualize the room and “superimpose” pictures on it. 

Once construction work is complete, changes can be difficult and expensive, sometimes impossible. You will either have to spend time and money on rework, or be content with what you have. 

The good news is that discrepancies can be avoided. In this article, we talked about how 3D visualization of a design project can save you from unnecessary expenses and at what point to order it so that the idea exactly matches the result.

Visualization helps to assess the quality of the project, to determine whether it requires adjustments and corrections to meet the requirements of future residents. In the end, with the help of high-quality visualization, you can significantly simplify the task of construction for hired craftsmen. Based on the data of drawings and 3D models, builders will be able to perfectly translate design solutions into reality without disruption. 3D architectural rendering services.

3D visualization of architecture and exterior is considered the most difficult process, since it is necessary to take into account a huge number of nuances and subtleties. Among the most important parameters that must be taken into account when drawing up a project are: 

* Landscape features 

* Maintaining the architectural style 

* Facade decoration and appearance 

* Terrain planning

Initially, it is necessary to carry out geodetic work in order to determine the type of surface on which the project is planned to be built. This is necessary in order to figure out in the future what actions should be taken so that the project is of the highest quality and reliability. For example, if there are irregularities in the selected area, this should be displayed in a 3D picture so that the customer could see this problem and make its resolution in a future project. It is also necessary to capture the landscape of the area. If there is vegetation not there that will interfere with the implementation of the project, this should be noted.

When constructing a new facility in close proximity to complexes of other buildings, it is necessary to take into account those provisions of the urban planning policy that directly affect the appearance of the settlement. Thus, it is necessary to choose the architectural style that will match the surrounding buildings as much as possible and will not introduce disharmony into the appearance of the settlement.

Manufacturing materials – this parameter is also of great importance, which is considered by the urban planning policy of settlements. The new object must clearly correspond to all surrounding structures, and not introduce any disharmony. Consequently, if stucco molding and granite tiles are used in nearby buildings to decorate the facade, then in this case it is worth compiling a 3D model in such a way that these architectural features are included in the corresponding project.

If the project for which the 3D visualization is being prepared is large-scale, that is, it consists of several buildings and structures, then it is necessary to distribute the territory. This will make it possible to correctly plan the object in order to create a normal exterior. In this case, the development area will be divided into residential, commercial and recreation areas. Areas for pedestrians and cars will also be planned, which will make it possible to more profitably establish the infrastructure of the facility. Architectural visualization company.

It takes a lot of time to create a photorealistic 3D model. Among all the possibilities of 3D programming, this complex of works is considered one of the most difficult, since the model will have a huge number of small details that must be drawn and displayed.