How To Custumis Airpods Shc

Customization of AirPods for AirPods MAX and AirPods Force Sensor

Why people move to customize their air pods? AirPods pro offer various new features like transparency mode and noise abolishment. The sensors used in AirPods help in control. The customization usually involves press duration and speed and working of sensors. Gen 1 and 2 AirPods control the working by double tapping but Gen 3 uses a sensor. Here you will know about how to custumis airpods shc. Just go to settings and reach to Bluetooth. However, tap on right side icon “i” and you can custumis Airpods settings:

  • Setting Personalized dimensional audio
  • Battery charging optimization enable or disable
  • Options for accessibility
  • Forgot device
  • Change name of AirPods and touch control
  • Disconnecting airpods
  • Select left and right side earbud
  • Controlling automatic settings
  • Enable and disable transparency and ear detection
  • Do fit test for ear tip

Change AirPods control:

  • Go to settings and open accessibility.
  • Moving down and press AirPods option.
  • Set press duration and speed rather than default.
  • Allow noise abolishment / cancellation by one airpod and take it to bottom of screen.

Change left and right controls for Gen 3 AirPods (stem and force sensors):

  • On iPhone, go to settings and reach to Bluetooth.
  • Connecting to AirPods by pressing on “i”.
  • Find press and hold AirPods and select left and right.
  • Activate sensors.
  • Select off for noise controlling.

At the bottom of screen, you can customize the airpods settings.

Change AirPods Gen 3 control:

  • Tap on force sensor to activate. For resuming playback, tap again.
  • Double tap on force sensors to play next music.
  • 3 times press sensor for move to previous music.
  • To receive calls, tap on sensor.
  • For activating Siri, tap and hold on sensor, ask questions, control apps and other things.

Customization of AirPods by iPhone or iPad:

Customizing AirPods name:

  • Reach to AirPod name and tap on right side.
  • It helps in finding your device.

Double tapping AirPods:

  • Go to settings and open Bluetooth option. Turn on Bluetooth and keep AirPods in Bluetooth area. Check the connectivity of airpods to iPhone.
  • Tap on “i” icon on right when airpods connected to your device. You will transfer to the screen where you can get the customization options.
  • Reach to double tap option that will activate Siri default.
  • Select left or right option to activate double tap on that side. Both the airpods get customization individually.
  • Sir helps in moving to next music track, resume the previous music track, and play and pause tracks.

Automatic ear detection enable or disable:

  • It totally depends on whether airpod is in your ear or not. In same screen you can find the ear detection.
  • To turn off, slide it. If detection is on that bar will green.

Customization by MAX settings:

It has same way of changing device name but have some interesting features:

  • Open settings and reach to Bluetooth.
  • Then, check your device and tap on “i” at right side of your device name.

Customization options:

  • Button for controlling noise:

You have iOS 14.3 or new latest generations and select your suitable sound mode. Then, press to activate your mode.

  • Rotation Direction:

  Go to digital crown. Select to increase the volume or decrease the volume by using digital crown directions.

  • Automatic detection of Head:

You can turn it on or off like ear detection in AirPods Max that helps you in working just by sensing it whether it is in ear or not.


In this article, aripod user get information of how to custumis airpods shc? So, you have 4 Gen of AirPods and all of them customized in quite a same way but features are different. So, you can go and follow the steps according to your AirPod generation.

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