How to Find the Best Swing Hanger For Your Yard

If you have a tree in your yard, you should have a tree swing in that tree. The decision then becomes what kind of swing, and how do you hang it?

There are several different types of swing that can be placed in your yard, from spider web hoops, to tires, to traditional swings. This article will help you decide on the perfect swing hanger for whichever rope swing you choose.

Don’t Damage Your Tree!

There are a couple of traditional techniques for hanging your swing, no matter what type of swing it is. There is also a more modern solution.

1. Rope Loop

The easiest, and lowest cost option is also one of the most popular. You can throw a rope over the branch, tie the rope to itself, and tie the other end to your swing. 

The rope loop technique has some things going for it. It is easy, as long as you are able to tie the right knots. If you aren’t an experienced knot tyer, this can cause a problem.

A poorly tied knot may hold fantastically, until it catastrophically fails. Since the goal of a tree swing is to swing, and children love to swing very high, your knot slipping out mid swing could be a dangerous worst case scenario.

In addition to the dangers inherent in using rope, it is also really bad for your trees. Rope creates a narrow point of contact with the bark of the tree, so as you swing, it acts like a saw, damaging the branch of your tree, and the rope you are hanging from, at the same time.

2. Eye Bolts

A very secure method for hanging your tree swing is to use eye bolts. Eye bolts are large lag bolt type screws with a ring instead of a screw head. 

These eye bolts are screwed into the branch of your tree, and then the swing’s chain is attached via a carabiner or c clamp. 

An eye bolt connection is typically very secure. If installed properly, they can hold hundreds of pounds reliably. They also tend to be a fairly  mistake resistant system. No knots to worry about being improperly tied, all stainless parts, which will last for a very long time. 

The biggest fault in eye bolts is that they damage your tree, much more obviously than a rope over a ranch would make. Two large holes through a branch is not very aesthetically pleasing, especially if you ever move your swing.

3. SwingTies

A modern solution is the swing hanger strap. According to SwingTie (, their straps go on quickly and easily, with no damage to your tree.

A SwingTie is hung similarly to the rope, by looping it over the branch. That is where the similarities end. 

Rope is narrow and cuts into the tree, but SwingTie straps are wider, so there is less friction on the strap to damage the branch. 

Like the eye bolts, Swing Ties allow you to clip into the swing’s chain directly, without having to tie a knot. Unlike  eye bolts, Swing ties can be moved or removed any time you like with no damage to the tree. 

Swing Ties let you adjust exactly where your swing hangs. If it is too low, you can loop the strap again. If it hangs too high, you can clip in an extra strap.

A Swing Tie can hold up to 1000 pounds, so strength concerns are answered as well.

In summary, The best swing hanger is versatile enough to be put up quickly, but strong enough to last for years. With a SwingTie, You can mount your tree swing in minutes!