How to freshen up your bathroom

Consider remodelling your bathroom to add freshness to your home. Upgrading appliances such as the sink is the important part of renovation, Installation of a new modern ADA sink will enhance the look of your bathroom also these sinks come with guarantees or warranties as offered by the manufacturer. If remodelling the entire bathroom feels like an enormous task right now, consider doing some small DIY renovations instead.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to freshen up your bathroom.

Declutter and deep clean

Bathrooms are breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. If your bathroom just needs a bit of maintenance over a full remodel, consider scrubbing the tiles, walls and appliances. Declutter your drawers and empty the cabinet under the sink. You might be surprised what sorts of goodies are hiding under there. Store your most-used toiletries on a shelf where they are easy to grab in a hurry. The best organisation is practical and flexible to your daily routine. 

For a super deep clean, remove everything that is not fixed to the bathroom. Clean any hanging pictures, shower curtains, rugs and your mouldy toothbrush holder. If you have a shower/bath, switch out your curtain for a shower screen. These are easier to clean and can remain streak, stain and lime scale-free for longer.

Use an industrial drain cleaner to remove any grime from your drains and pipes. Say goodbye to standing in a pool of water at the end of your shower, and hello to freshness! 

Make sure to clean the underside of your toilet and around the hinge of the seat. Yuck! If your toilet seat is loose, replace it now for a cheap way to freshen up your bathroom.  

Replace the floor and wall tiles

Grout can become mouldy and discoloured over time, especially in the shower. Use a grout whitener to remove any discolouration or replace your grout altogether. 

Give your bathroom a fresh lick of paint

White paint is all the rage right now, and unfortunately, it can get dirty very fast. Paint your cabinets, cupboard doors and walls in a fresh, bright white. Consider replacing any pink or green toilers and bathtubs – we are not in the 1970s anymore. 

Update fittings

There is nothing worse than a broken shower head and drippy tap. Invest in some new fixtures to update your bathroom and give it a modern feel. Try to buy fittings in a matching metal shade, like stainless steel or brushed gold.

Convert the bath into a bath and shower

There is something unglamorous about standing in a bath while having a shower. Have your tub ripped out and replace it with a luxurious shower instead. Install a waterfall shower head, stylish tiles and an extra spray. Just make sure to consider your family members when installing the base of your shower. It needs to be easy to get in and out of for any age group.