How To Get Blue Eyes with Coloured Contacts

Baby blue eyes have long been a desirable asset even though there is a unique beauty to every eye colour but what can you do if you don’t naturally have aqua toned irises? As contact lens technology advances, you can now shop for all kinds of safe blue coloured contact lenses to switch up your eye colour.

When you are shopping for blue eyes with coloured contacts, there are usually hundreds of options for different shades of blue, from the darkest shades of royal blue to light ice inspired tones. 

To keep your eyes safe when wearing blue coloured contacts shop at for a complete range of cosplay, costume, and natural blue coloured contacts that are FDA Approved. The soft coloured contacts stocked here are made from lightweight and breathable materials to keep your eyes feeling fresh during daily wear. Whether you are looking to swap your regular prescription contact lenses for a pair with a blue tint that will still correct your vision or you are simply looking for an instant colour change, there are so many styles to choose from.

The most popular type of blue lenses is the natural range. These realistic contacts come in a variety of designs to help highlight your iris. If you are looking to add hints of blue to your iris then you may find that an enhancing style is enough to give you the definition you are looking for. This style subtly covers sections of your iris to add a new tone to your iris without completely covering it. This can be a great way to keep a natural looking effect for everyday wear but will only work on light eye colors.

If you are planning to cover dark brown eyes with a pair of blue colored contacts then you will need a pair of vibrant blue colored contacts. This is for lenses that feature a larger section of color coverage and more vibrant pigmentation. Of course, the results still vary depending on eye color so keep this in mind whenever you buy colored contacts online. 

Types of natural blue contact lenses:

  • Blue Enhance Full Tint Colored Contacts: These contact lenses cover the iris and pupil in a blue tint for full coverage but take into account that this will also give your vision a slight tint. Best suited to enhancing light eye colors.
  • Blue Circle Colored Contacts: Enhance the limbal ring of your eyes with a design that covers the outer edge of the iris with color. Suited to light eye colors.
  • Blue One Tone Colored Contacts: The Blue One Tone design is one of the more basic styles for an instant blue tone to the iris, depending on your natural eye color.
  • Blue Two Tone Colored Contacts: The Blue Two Tone design builds on the One Tone style but adds more details with features such as a dark limbal ring.
  • Blue Tri Tone Colored Contacts: The Blue Tri Tone pattern is designed to look as realistic as possible by highlighting the features you would find in a natural iris. This includes a natural blue iris with color flecks and a dark limbal ring. If you are looking for natural blue colored contacts to cover dark eyes, then this is usually the best option.
  • Blue Mystic Colored Contacts: The Blue Mystic Colored Contacts are designed to be vibrant and noticeable with a detailed iris design.

If you are looking for lenses to cover a specific eye color then make sure to read the detailed information available on each product at Here you will find information about which lenses are best for dark eyes and can visit the Gallery to see how they look in action on a talented team of makeup artists and cosplay affiliates.

Alternatively, you can opt for cosplay or costume lenses which give strong color coverage for an instantly noticeable color change that can be perfect if you love creating daily vampire vibes or kawaii anime eyes. Sometimes people with dark eye colors actually prefer the blue cosplay lenses to the natural range as they give vibrant coverage over their natural iris. Styles such as Blue Manson Colored Contacts, Aqua Blue Ice Walker Colored Contacts, and Blue Wild Blizzard Colored Contacts offer fun bright blue styles that can be worn as part of an alternative everyday outfit or added to cosplay.

As you can see there are so many choices when it comes to getting blue eyes with colored contacts and in our modern age, coloured contacts are safer than ever before when you buy from reputable sellers that stock FDA Approved lenses such as