How to hire a Java developer in High-demand Markets

Java is, without doubt, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Statistically, 35.35% of developers globally use Java. Also, Java is the number one language for all microservice; also, the number of Java virtual machines worldwide is estimated to be around 45 million, not to mention that Java is also the number one language used for AI, DevOps, mobile Chat-bots, continuous integration, and analytics.

 It is because of the reasons stated above that Java developers are in high demand; this also explains why businesses and companies are constantly screening developers of all standards in a bid to hire Java programmers

Hire Java Developers

Java is an In-demand programming language because it is efficient, object-oriented, quick, secure, and user-friendly. This demand has, in turn, made it hard to find Java developers. A Java developer is a person that is an expert in the programming language called Java. Java is at the forefront of all the skillset of developers sought by hiring managers. Java is versatile, and its versatility has made it indispensable as it could be used to create almost any application or program. Java is used for; Cloud applications, insurance apps, social media platforms,  banking systems,  Stock exchange systems, chatbots, mobile apps, and a host of others. Popular apps and services like Netflix, YouTube, Airbnb, Amazon, Uber, and others were created using Java programming language. 

So how and where can you find Java programmers for hire?  Here are tips:

  1. Outsourcing: Outsourcing is becoming a high-rising trend in today’s IT sector; you can outsource Java developers from different backgrounds and geographical locations to help you with your project execution or management. 
  2. Social Media: Social media platforms can also be a good search point for recruiting  Java programmers.  A lot of social media users upload their portfolios, educational qualifications, and skills on their social media platforms and handles; you can easily find a Java developer for hire on social media. 
  3. Job Hiring Websites: Job Hiring Websites like Upwork can be another search point for you, but since this is tech-related, the search for Java coders for hire will be more suitable on websites like Github or Stackflow. These websites will provide you with profiles of software developers, and you can then make your pick. 
  4. Outstaffing companies: Engaging the services of an OutStaffing company can be another stop for you. When you engage a company of this nature, they, in turn, hire third parties, which in this case is a Java developer, to handle your project. 
  5. Ads and interviews: you can decide to place adverts on televisions and social media platforms in order to find a Java developer. You can also hold interviews with Java developers that are interested in taking up your project. 

Since you are now well equipped with the information on where to search and hire Java developers,  it is only wise that you know the essential qualities to look out for in a Java developer. Here are a few of them; 

  •  Good Java developers should be able to program,  implement and maintain Java software. He or she should also be able to write clean and efficient codes. 
  • Java developers should be able to create system documentation, prepare releases of software components,  make software analyses,  tests and debug the software. 
  • Java developers or programmers should be able to create solutions and ensure that the specifications of the project are strictly complied with.

Generally, the skill set and expertise of a Java developer that is required should be more than this, but the ones listed above are the most popular tasks asked of Java developers. Java developers with knowledge,  experience,  skills, talent, good work ethics, and professionalism will definitely aid in boosting your company positively. You can learn a little more about this topic by clicking on this link.


Before you hire Java developers, you should consider what your requirement is, then match your requirements to a Java developer that possesses the suitable skill set, talent, and technique to execute your project. Most businesses today are flourishing because the owners of these businesses or companies have employed the use of Java in their day-to-day activities. The world is changing into a digital era; you should also move along with the train.

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