How to Play an MP4 on a DVD Player

MP4 is a popular multimedia format that works well in all web browsers, gadgets, and devices. With such a diversity of options, you may be wondering if DVD players can play MP4. Frankly, this format cannot be recognized by most DVD players. Of course, it can be run on some DVD players with a USB port, but what to do if your gadget doesn’t have a port of this kind? Will MP4 play on a DVD player? And how should you act if you want to play your favorite MP4 film on a player that you have at hand? 

In this post, we will provide you with two easy and effective solutions to burn or change the format of an MP4 file so that you can play it on DVD players. Keep reading to know how to play MP4 on a DVD player and what method works best for you.

Solution 1 : Burn MP4 to DVD 

If your player cannot play an MP4 file, you can always burn the MP4 file to DVD using your DVD recorder. There are plenty of professional DVD burning solutions that allow you to burn video or audio assets to a DVD disc or folder. Most of them have all-covering menus and comprehensive editing features for easy DVD creation.

Let’s take a look at the process of creating high-quality content from any MP4 files or movies.

Step 1 : Launch the Program

To burn DVDs on Windows or Mac computers, you first need to download and launch a dedicated solution that can do the magic for you.

Step 2 : Add MP4 Video Files to the Software

Import video files that are to be processed by the software solution. Some programs allow you to upload a whole folder in one go, even if there are files of different formats. Make sure that you check this feature in advance.

Step 3 : Insert an Empty DVD Disc

Insert a DVD disk into your computer’s DVD drive; it will be used for recording a video from the MP4 file.

Step 4 : Edit Video Before Recording

Some software solutions allow for editing MP4 video files before they are converted to DVD disks. Thus, before burning, you can customize the visual effects, add a watermark, and make some other changes to the input video file.

Step 5 : Start Burning MP4 Videos to DVD Discs

Finally, you just need to click the “Burn” button to transfer MP4 videos to a DVD disc. It will take a couple of minutes of your time. When the MP4 to DVD burning is finished, the DVD disc will be ejected automatically. You can insert your burned DVD directly into your regular DVD player to watch it on your TV by connecting your home DVD player.

Solution 2 : Convert MP4 to DVD-Player-Friendly Formats

Another solution is to change the video format from MP4 to one that is DVD player-friendly. Some professional tools for video converting, enhancing, and editing will come in handy. No special knowledge or skills will be necessary to perform the conversion process. Check the top ways to convert MP4 to DVD instead of trying to play an MP4 video file on your DVD player.

Step 1 : Add the file to the App

Download, install and run an app on your computer. Once the solution is configured, import the target file to it.

Step 2 : Select the DVD Output Format

As a rule, video converters support different formats, and you need to select your target one – the DVD format. You can pick VOB, AVI, Divx, MPEG-2, or MPEG-1 – all of them are supported by most DVD players. 

Step 3 : Edit & Enhance the MP4 File

Click “Edit” to start changing the MP4 file. As a rule, you can rotate, crop, apply different effects, and add watermarks to your video. To improve video quality, you can also increase the resolution, alter brightness, eliminate video noise and minimize video jitter. To review the full list of video editing features, do not forget to check a detailed program description and review.

Step 4 : Initiate the Conversion Process

Once you are done polishing the video, click “Convert” to initiate the process of converting MP4 to VOB. Afterward, you can run the MP4 video on your DVD player.


In this post, we have covered two different solutions allowing you to play MP4 videos on DVD players. Burn MP4 to DVD with professional software or convert MP4 to DVD-supported formats with a dedicated tool.