How To Promote Your Food Business with Proper Popcorn

How do you get your food start-up’s name out there? Here are some tips from Proper Popcorn on doing just that – take a look below.

1. Request For Feedback From The Day You Start Selling.

You can consider marking sales to be the best validation for all your products. Therefore, start by making sure that your product is acceptable to the public. You can do this by asking your colleagues, friends, and even neighbors to test your product. Once you get positive feedback, you can consider introducing your product to the local market where you can conduct business with many people.

2. Keep It Unique And Simple As You Focus More On The Product.

Your product is the main selling point. Therefore, take time to prepare something unique in the kitchen, such as small batches that can be tried by many people. Take as much time as necessary to make the product since it is more vital than the rest of the work that has to be done (e.g., Packaging, IP protection, Branding). However, this does not mean that these responsibilities are less important, but they should not be your first priority if you are still new in this sector. Take a look at, a company that have got their product just right.

3. Review Feedback Obtained From Testers And Make Changes If Necessary.

You must be patient and have a positive attitude even when you receive your lousy feedback. This will help you improve your product so that you can come up with something unique and loved by everyone. You can also acquire more skills on how to develop a better version of your product by attending learning events and sending more samples to testers.

4. Be Very Interested In Collecting Data.

The only way you can be able to make informed decisions is by analyzing your data. Therefore, it is essential that you get the contacts or email addresses of all your testers. You can use such data to create simple surveys using various tools (such as Typeform or Google Forms) and then send them to those who have tested your product. After getting feedback, you can improve your product by getting rid of any issues raised by your testers.

Also, collecting data is not easy, and such work is best done by a person who has tech experience. Therefore, if you have a friend with such skills, ask them to assist you in collecting data for your project.

5. Build Community + Selling = Success.

No one can promote your product better than yourself. Many food entrepreneurs prefer spending time in the kitchen where they get a chance to work on their products. But, can you keep on producing products if you are not making sales? Furthermore, you know your products better than anyone else. Therefore, it should be easy for you to sell your product because you know all the details that are included.

Start working on your community at an early stage by doing the following:

Collect testers’ contact details after trying out your products.

Open a Twitter/Instagram/Facebook page specifically for your brand and use it to show the progress of your business.

Emphasize more on improving your community and promote it every day by publishing lots of content (such as quotes from friends, pictures of your brand’s latest goodies, and interview of the top-rated entrepreneur in this particular industry).