How To Save Money On Apple App Store

1. How many apps are available on App Store?

Until February 2019, the number of apps in the App Store has exceeded 2,200,000. Assume that the percentage of paid apps is 5% per day, and the number of apps that can be changed from paid to free is more than 110,000 per day. Some people may ask, why are so many people selling their apps at a price drop?

Okay, many developers will use the dropped price to bring the downloads or views, so they frequently change from free to paid, and then change from paid to free. There are also a lot of game developers who launched games in a fee-based way to attract users’ attention and then limit them for one year. There are also game developers who use a paid policy to restrict the number of users to no more than their server load. In short, the number of free apps or price dropped apps per day is quite a lot.

In the face of massive data, it is difficult for people to pick an app to use. So some price drop tracker tool appears. Whether it is appshopper, AppZapp, Appspy or iOS Game Price Drop Tracker, these tools are presented apps to the user after an initial screening. In fact, so many price reduction apps, if they didn’t filter by an assistant tool, What a terrible thing that would be!

2. What is an effective screening method?

The algorithm for screening is so different at each price tracking tool. I am not a technical person. So let me talk about it simply. There are several parameters including reviews, ratings, downloads, comments, etc., and then sort by weight. However, the biggest problem with the machine screening is that it can’t present the right app to the right users. For example, Recommended Google or Youtube to Chinese users is not a good idea.

3. How to save money on App Store?

How to get free or price-drop information in time and how to get the price-drop apps that I am interested in becomes a key factor

Add the app to wishlist on App Store.

This is a feature provided by the app store website, and that’s it. The list of wants to buy that we are concerned about, their prices will not change shortly, and app store will not give us any notification. So, we will miss a lot of price-drop information of the app.

The third-party tools

Including IGN, AppShopper, iOS Game Price Drop Tracker, Appsurprise these sites help us to track which apps are cutting prices, and they have filtered many low-quality apps, we can more easily get high-quality apps price drop information. Add them to wish list, and the rest thing is waiting for the developer to decide which day to drop the price.

Group buying

There are many apps that have a differential pricing policy, such as Bartender. A single purchase may cost $15, and if you have 10 people group buying, you will only have to pay $8.

Bundles: A great way to save on app store

Apple has now caught on to the idea. They are finally enabling developers to bundle their apps together so everyone can save money.

How App Bundles Work

The idea is simple. A developer groups several apps together and sets a discounted price for the whole bundle. It’s cheaper for you to buy the bundle than to buy all the apps individually. You can choose the bundle that meets your needs, and save money while completing your set of professional speech therapy tools. The App Store will show you the price of completing your bundle based on Your purchase history, so be sure to sign in with your Apple ID before shopping.

Apple Gift Cards

Speaking of gift cards, there are stores that sell gift cards at a discount or where you can get store rewards for buying gift cards. Giant Eagle, for example, sells Apple gift cards and give you rewards toward free gasoline at their Get Go gas stations with It might be more hassle to you than it’s worth, but it is a way to save money. I did this before purchasing a Mace Book Pro and I got a free tank of gas out of it.

Random promotions

Sometimes, Apple will have a sale on certain accessories, such as Beats headphones. While these special prices will be on Apple’s website, they are not otherwise advertised and there won’t be signage in the Apple Store. Sometimes you just get Lucky; the discount will just pop up when you’re ringing out. If you subscribe to Thrifter’s newsletter, you can be alerted next time one of those random promotions pops up.

Black Friday deals

Apple often has some kind of offer going on the biggest retail day of the year. In past years, Apple has given free Apple gift cards with purchase There’s no way to know if Apple will continue doing this, but if you’re considering a large Apple purchase in the fall, it might remember waiting to see.

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