How to start a landscaping business

While the number of professional gardeners and landscapers has increased in recent years, with summer on our doorstep, plenty of people will be considering hiring a professional landscaper to make their gardens look amazing. 

If you have a green thumb and want to start a business in 2021, landscaping could be the perfect choice, but what do landscapers do, what equipment do they need, and what other business considerations should you bear in mind before you leap into the land of landscaping?  Here best Lexington tree care and landscaping service.

What do landscapers do?

Landscaping covers a wide range of services designed to make customers’ gardens and outdoor spaces look amazing. The process begins by discussing requirements with prospective clients, working on design plans that are typically a product of your expertise and their vision.

Once the plan is agreed, it’s on to doing – ordering materials and plants, then getting to work clearing land, laying turf and seed, and building structures such as decking, sheds, or greenhouses. Weeding, pruning, and generally tidying up the garden are also common tasks, as well as washing surfaces, and laying down things like water features and rockeries.

If you love being outdoors, understand garden DIY tasks in detail, and love nothing better than the happy look on a satisfied customer’s face, then a job in landscaping could be a perfect choice. For landscape business make a offer garden sheds for sale to attract peoples.

What equipment do you need?

Given the nature of landscaping, there are some must-have pieces of equipment you will need to get hold of if you’re going to work quickly and effectively – as well as providing that professional level of quality that customers are looking for.

You’ll need to invest in good hand tools – a spade, rake, shears, secateurs, and trowel – as well as powered equipment like a powerful and fast-acting lawn mower, and a leaf blower that’ll let you tackle lawn debris with ease.

If you are conducting heavy-duty garden clearances or want to specialise in tree surgery, a chainsaw and hedge trimmer are a must too. Importantly though, you should get hold of a strong and large wheelbarrow – it’ll make you life much easier transporting garden waste from the site to the back of your flatbed van (another must-have).

Why choose landscaping?

While the initial investment into landscaping can be high, owing to the cost of tools and equipment, there are all sorts of benefits from choosing it as your area of business. Firstly, it can be a profitable line of work, especially if you have an in-demand specialism and are able to earn positive word-of-mouth and reviews.

As is often the case when running your own business, landscaping can provide you with an excellent work-life balance too, letting you work on your terms. Add to that the fact you’ll mostly be working out in the fresh air, labouring and keeping yourself fit, and the line of work can really benefit your mental health too.

Working as a landscaper can be a great choice. Are you a gardener, or considering entering the field? Let us know why you love landscaping in the comments below!

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