How to transfer your website to Shopify

The popularity of online sales is growing every year. In the United States, e-commerce is growing at a rapid pace and is the undisputed market leader among individual countries. The credibility of this type of shopping is constantly growing and is being converted into billions of dollars that are deposited in the accounts of e-commerce entrepreneurs.

E-commerce is a sphere of the economy that includes all trade and financial transactions that are carried out through computer networks, as well as all business processes related to the conduct of these transactions.

More and more people prefer to conduct business via the Internet and not only professional. For personal purposes, it is always convenient, without spending time on the road and talking on the phone, to find the information of interest.

What is e-commerce? In simple words, it is doing business on the Internet. Previously, the goods were sold in traditional retail stores, and now on the Internet. All processes for the exchange of goods and services on the network can be called e-commerce.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) refers to commercial activities related to the distribution, advertising, promotion, as well as the sale of services and goods via the Internet.

Shopify has everything you need to successfully promote your store: cool built-in statistics, the ability to connect external services to collect it, work with SEO at all levels and a bunch of marketing applications that will help you attract, return and process potential and regular customers in every possible way.

The control panel even has a separate marketing section to control promotion in all directions, automate mailing lists, update contextual advertising campaigns, SMS mailings, promotion on Facebook, marketplaces Microsoft, Google, Amazon and other channels. You can simply order a job from a full-time system specialist. All this, of course, requires a budget.

Shopify is a wildly powerful store builder. It is in no way inferior in its capabilities to specialized CMS, and in some ways it is superior: it is easier to learn, a bunch of applications at hand, it is convenient to edit templates. And all this in one bottle. A self-sufficient system that can easily pull the creation of a hypermarket of any complexity. Migrate website to Shopify.

Shopify is probably the best ecommerce solution available today.

This is a turnkey solution where you can sign up for a 14-day free trial using just your email address (no credit card information required) and place your first store within hours.

You can connect your payment provider (for example, PayPal or any other option) with just a few clicks, and users can start buying products from you.

All tools are fully integrated, so there is no need to manually connect / integrate tools into your store.

Shopify is great for small businesses just starting out, all the way to stores that sell millions of dollars worth of merchandise.

This proves that they have a very developed infrastructure and platform to scale your business as it grows.
If you need to complete migration of your website to Shopify, we recommend you to contact the professionals. You will save your energy, money and time.