How ToCheat In Online Protected Exams, Quiz Or Tests:

If we talk about taking online exams, then the most famous universities and colleges are facing the same problem that is cheating by the all students. That’s why most of the universities are now using the safe software that provides the complete protection and amazing features to prevent cheating.

These software includes the Microsoft team, Zoom, and Google Meet. But the main thing is that every software comes with the loopholes and all the students takes the benefits of these loopholes.

So, in this article we will tell you about how to cheat in a online protected exams. Remember one thing we do not promote cheating and this article is for informational purposes.

If you are in the search of how to cheat in an online protected exams then you are in the right place, all the ways are given below you just have to read the complete article.

Sending Screenshots:

The first option that you can use for the cheating is sending the screen shot of your questions to anyone who knows the answers. It is one of the safest and simple way to cheat in an online protected exams.

Most of the students hire the expert from the easy writing services and provides all the necessary information for the exams or the course of the exam. If your university is using the apps like Google meet or Zoom, then you can use this way.

Hacking the exam database:

The second way to cheat in an online exam is hacking the exam portal, we all know that the hacking exam portal is not an easy task.

But this thing will not stop hacking and with the help of hacking exam database you can easily know about all the questions and answers.

The main thing is that too many students don’t know about the hacking but you have the opportunity to hire a hacker to hack the online exam database.

Using the technological devices:

We all know that nowadays technology is developing day by day and now there are too many devices and gadgets that are introduced to achieve things.

These devices and gadgets are introduced to achieve all the things that are unachievable. Now a day the mobile device is the best way to cheat in online protected exams.

According to the big companies most of the students use tiny Bluetooth at the time of online exams, with the help of this Bluetooth device they call the other students or experts who knows the answers.

To do this the smartphone is the best option and used by too many students. Other than this their programmable calculators that store the different types of formulas and data.


However, too many students use the high end devices to cheat in online protected exams or you have the enough money then the best option for you is to hire a hacker that hacks the exams database. I hope this article helps you to know about the cheating and its process. If you have any queries, then ask us in the comment section.