If You Can Dream, You Can Achieve

At some point in our lives, everyone dreams of running a successful business and successful life. Unfortunately, some of our dreams never come to see the light of day. Some due to life’s circumstances, setbacks, and unfortunate situations that hold us back. However, nothing is impossible.

With a good strategy, the right mindset, and a positive attitude towards life, nothing can stop you from transforming your dreams into reality, including that business idea. To help you through this process, nevertheless, you would require the support of a coach, mentor, or a business leader like Kimin Tanoto.

Who is Kimin Tanoto?

Tanoto is an accomplished business leader with a variety of businesses under his name. He is a serial entrepreneur with vast knowledge in business management and experience in the founding of businesses. Some of his major investments include investing in cement, steel, and asset management industries. Currently, Tanoto is the Board of Commissioner for Gunung Raja Paksi, the biggest steel producing company in Indonesia.

Tonoto’s beliefs

Kimin Tonto is a strong believer that entrepreneurial skills can be taught and an entrepreneurial mindset is developed. With a conducive environment suitable for nurturing entrepreneurship skills, every young person stands a chance to turn out perfectly. He also believes that to shape someone into a great entrepreneur, a lot of factors have to put in place. Elements like someone’s upbringing, influences that surround him, and self-motivation has to be considered.

His Accomplishments

When it comes to business and leadership, Kimin is well decorated. For starters, Kimin was educated in the west. He earned a position as a Board of Commissioner back in 2019. Not too long Kimin Tanoto steered the family company into a great success, earning the top spot as one of the largest steel companies in Southeast Asia. He was additionally appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Iron and Steel Association (IISA).

Roles that He plays towards Entrepreneurial development

Every young person needs a mentor for guidance in the entrepreneurship field. Kimin perfectly fits into this position to help young, business-oriented people in this generation. Through his top position in the company, Tanoto has helped many aspiring entrepreneurs in understanding the country’s legal matters that concern business and investments.

Additionally, he helps in making sure that newbies in entrepreneurship realize their potential and maximize it. Kimin has also helped large companies to adopt sustainable business practices using his skill set and wide knowledge of the business.

 Kimin’s success story

Hard work, focus, and assertiveness are key factors that have seen him attain the heights of success he has attained. His family, his long-term business partners also played a major role in his success by trusting in his decisions. His family also stood by him during difficult times.

Kimin reasons for helping

The belief that people can rise above hardships and surpass their limits motivates Tanoto to provide unlimited support to his staff. The feeling of everyone around him growing makes him content. Giving back to the community drives him to seek more opportunities to help those with less.