Imtazur Rahman On How to Become a Wedding Planner: Steps for Success

You may be reading this blog post because you are interested in becoming a wedding planner. Or, maybe you have been planning weddings for years and want to take your skills to the next level. Whatever your reason for being here, I am happy that you found us!

We had the opportunity to interview Imtazur Rahman, a very successful wedding planner from Ontario, Canada. Imtazur won’t just teach you how to become a wedding planner; he’ll also teach you how to do it successfully. If you’re ready to start down the path of success as a wedding planner, keep reading!

Wedding Planner: This is usually someone who plans weddings, but could be an actual vendor like the venue or florist etc.

– Wedding Consultant: As with any business consultant, this person provides advice on how to go about planning your own wedding as well as helping plan other peoples’ weddings.

– Weddings: These are sometimes held at venues which specialize in catering for them such as hotels or halls that can accommodate large numbers of guests and can provide entertainment during the reception including live bands, DJs, etc.

How to become a wedding planner?

Imtazur Rahman: The first step is to find out if wedding planning is the right career for you. What are your interests and skills? Do weddings interest you, or do you have any special talents that would make a good addition to one’s business such as event design (invitations), cooking, floral arranging etc.? Keep in mind it can take up to three years of education at an accredited university before becoming qualified as a professional wedding planner. This includes courses in marketing, finance and much more! There are also seminars available online which provide this kind of training within shorter periods – some even less than six months long.

Some general tips by Imtazur Rahman

– Consider what type of weddings you are looking to plan – Weddings, Corporate events etc.

– Get the necessary qualifications for your area and country including event management courses or a degree in wedding planning. The internet is a great place to find such courses online.

– Take some time off work as there will be periods where you need to take on large projects which can mean long hours without regular breaks so it’s best not to have any other commitments during this time.

– Work with other suppliers who offer services related to weddings such as photographers, venues and florists etc., by assisting them at their own events when possible so that they get an idea of how hard working you are and would want to work with you in the future.

– Get to know people who are working in this field and make a connection by getting advice on how to progress, volunteering for an organisation that can offer opportunities or even following wedding planners on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook so that they keep up with your achievements.

– Network as much as possible either through face to face meetings or online networking websites such as LinkedIn etc. which will allow you establish connections over time without feeling uncomfortable about approaching someone on their own.

– Join organisations related to weddings where other wedding professionals gather such events, seminars and conferences all of which have one purpose: To share information and learn new skills rather than just spending hours at home doing research alone!

How does it work?

– You need to have a good understanding of what the job entails or at least get an idea from someone who has been in your position. This will allow you to focus on skills that are relevant for this line of work, and if not then it is permissible to take up subjects other than wedding planning such as marketing and communications etc.

– Once you have a clear picture about the profession, make sure there’s enough hours left after completing all course requirements before applying for jobs so that you can search for internships first! It would be wise to also use these opportunities wisely by trying out different organisations which might offer new challenges within their organisation.

The most important thing when considering whether one should become a wedding planner is knowing oneself. Be sure to ask yourself what it is that you like, what are your skills and abilities. You can then keep an eye out for the next steps to take!

– Know who your consumer is.

– Learn about wedding planning etiquette among different cultures: Western vs Eastern culture; Catholic weddings vs Hindu or Muslim weddings etc.

– Network with people in this field by making contacts at local events where a lot of vendors gather such as bridal expos or exhibitions, industry conferences and seminars etc.

– Find work experience opportunities which will help provide marketable job skills as well as hands on experience working within the profession – even if unpaid. For example internships offer invaluable insight into how things run from behind the scenes in certain places of work.

– Volunteer for non-profit organizations that are in need of volunteers and show your dedication to the cause – this will help showcase your skills and abilities, as well as provide you with a valuable networking opportunity.

These steps can be easily followed by anyone who has an interest in wedding planning or making weddings happen! Good luck!”

How many hours per week should I be working towards my goal?

“In order to reach success, I would recommend you spend at least 20 hours per week working on your goal for maximum speed.” – Imtazur Rahman

What should be my long-term and short term goals?

“Your goals may change depending on what stage in life you are currently. If you’re a young graduate, the next step is to build up experience by interning or volunteering with an established wedding planner. This will demonstrate your abilities and prove that you’ve got what it takes. Once this has been achieved, start setting some more ambitious but realistic targets such as raising funds through crowdfunding, advertising yourself locally in magazines etc., making sure there’s always something new happening in order to keep things fresh.” – Imtazur Rahman

How should I prepare for a new business venture?

“Ask yourself what skills you have to offer the wedding industry. Do you know how to plan weddings, take photographs or manage online marketing campaigns?” – Imtazur Rahman

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