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The most popular website for hunting job is indeed which is available in almost 60 countries and give 16.36% shares to market. But for U.S it is the most searched website. It is mainly used to hire new talent in firms and provides free subscriptions and pay-per-click pricing strategies to satisfy the needs. Almost, 200 million professional individuals’ resumes are present in its database.

Method to post on indeed jobs:

  • First, make employer account prior to put advertisement for your services. Then, visit the hiring page and tap on “Post a job” text.
  • Now, fill in the information text fields. These fields mainly involve some information like company name, company email, and some personal data. Then, tap on continue. Always remember to put the company’s email otherwise, people will not get verification.
  • Put some information about company like company market size, salaries, responsibilities, contact number, and others. Then, tap on continue.
  • Provide information about job responsibilities and criteria. Then, press save & continue button.
  • Now, provide information like on-site or remote and full time or part time job. Then, press save and continue.
  • You have to okay all the smart suggestions like template style, preview, improvement for job reach and visibility. Then, save and continue.
  • Just fulfill compensation data that includes salary, bonus, commissions, and enter free medical and others if job fulfill the requirements. Then, save and continue.
  • Provide job details, responsibilities, and criteria. Check the preview by adding post templates and then, save and continue.
  • Put the candidate details for which you can only get those persons who meet certain criteria. Then, save and continue.
  • Check job post before publish. If you want to change something simply go to edit and change that part. Now, confirm for publish.
  • You can sponsor job post also but if you want to publish it without budget then tap on post without budget and your post will come to market without money.


  • Millions of people visit for job hunting.
  • Apps for both iOS and Android are available.
  • Tools for both job and candidate management present on dashboard.
  • Facility of company career built-in pages.
  • Skill assessments involved for helping candidates.
  • Clients can set their budget while job hunting.


  • Email support doesn’t exist.
  • Job posts without any charges can show up only for certain time and them lose visibility.
  • Clients have to buy monthly subscription for accessing the database created for resumes.

Comparison with other websites:

Indeed and LinkedIn:

Both are phenomenal websites having larger professionals reach. Indeed is more generic like get general audience also but LinkedIn get only professionals.

Indeed and ZipRecruiter:

Both websites are amazing. But ZipRecruiter is expensive for providing job post advertisements.

Indeed and CareerBuilder:

CareerBuilder has a huge rate for posting job with advertisements and cost almost $300 per month. But discounts also available annually. Indeed provide it for pay-per-click and free advertisement. CareerBuilder has a reach of almost 80 million resumes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the method to use Indeed for employers?

It enables companies and employer to create job post to get best persons. However, candidates can provide their applications and resumes with two methods. First, send by email and second move to career pages of company to list themselves.

What do you know about sponsored jobs on Indeed?

Sponsored jobs mean to get high visibility to reach more people. Employers get paid at each click. While, Indeed use strategy to get potential people by taking sponsored posts to above and below free job post.

Have you know about some other employer’s websites like Indeed?

  • Cleverism
  • AngelList
  • LinkedIn
  • CareerBuilder
  • Snagajob
  • Craigslists
  • Monster
  • ZipRecruiter

How much employers pay to post one job on Indeed?

It provides the service to offer free job post. But you can also posting for jobs being sponsored that begins from $5 a day. Moreover, employers provide a proper budget set for daily posts.

How can candidates access Indeed assessments?

  • Visit your own dashboard and then tap on “My Assessments”.
  • Just tap on assessment name.

How do candidates create accounts to join Indeed?

  • Visit
  • On top right corner, go to sign in option.
  • Choose New to Indeed? Create an account.
  • Put your email and password.
  • Choose employer or company.
  • Then, tap on Create account.


Most of the people can do job hunting after graduation. In past, people use newspapers and TV ads for searching job. But now, you just have to open job hunting websites to search for jobs. You can get all the details of it. Indeed is one of the best platform for searching jobs. It provides you free job posting. But people can also use sponsored post to appear for long time.

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