Internet Protection: Here is how you can make your Home Wi-Fi Secure

First thing first, know the importance of your router. Your router is the most important gadget in your house. This is because a router checks all the incoming traffic, acts as a wall to anything-bad, routes information coming or going out and controls all the access to home Wi-Fi networks and the devices attached to it. So naturally, you need to learn ways on how to keep your home Wi-Fi router safe and secure.

The Wi-Fi router is more than just a device that provides access to the internet. The router offers help that is not possibleanywhere else. The router signifies the identity of your home network, making sure everything is running smoothly. Still, so many people are unaware of its position and therefore do not focus on keeping it secure. 

People might read tons fo blogs on how to keep their data secure in their smart gadgets but won’t bother to learn about the security of a router which basically can become a medium to cyber-attacks. Therefore, ignoring your router can bring some dangerous outcomes, which we believe no one wants to experience.

So before we build up more panic, let us start with guiding you on how you can keep your home Wi-Fi router a network secure:

A Secure Internet Connection

Not to sound like a captain obvious here but having a secure internet connection eliminates most of the network security concerns. If you are living in the United States then the good news is that there several internet service providers that offer secure channels to internet usage. However, there is bad news as well. The bad news for Americans is that there are several poorinternet service providers that are most unreliable platforms for internet usage.

So what you can do to keep yourself out of the reach of those pseudo internet providers is by connecting yourself to a genuine one. For instance, Spectrum is a high internet and cable service provider in the USA. The company is known for offering affording cable bundles like Spectrum Select packages for cable TV users and reliable internet platform for the high-speed internet user

Also, the company provides modern-day routers and modem to its customers for high standard secure internet connection.

Changing Passwords

What you should be doing right now, after completely reading this blog, is that you should check whether you are using WPA2 security or not. The WPA2 security guards access to your home router. The WPA2 asks every new device that tries to connect to your router the password. This guarding to register is set by default on every router out there. However, still, if it is not active on your router then you can switch in on by going into your router’s settings.

Once you are done enabling this feature make, sure you change your passwords. Hanging the passwords of your internet connection is suggested to do regularly. This means that once you change your password every 2 weeks you will be asked to join the network all over again through every device that was connected previously.

Keeping the Firmware Updated

Every router runs on a low-level software know as firmware which has control over everything your router does. The software defines rules about which devices can connect to your router or what are the security standards of the network.

Most modern devices these days such as Spectrum’s routers and modems updates themselves. But if you have an old model then you will be asked to keep the software up to date. By updating your software, you will be assured that your firmware now has the latest bug fixes and security patches along with protection against whatever new exploitation will be discovered.

Using Guest Network

If you have a router that allows you to use the guest network then you should not shy away from giving it to others. If anyone outside your family asks to use your home network then you can simply allow them to use the guest network.

By handling them a guest network, you will give them access to your network connection but not to your shared folders in your laptop, your speaker, or your printer and other things like these.

We are not claiming that your relatives and friends are potential hackers but there are higher chances of them to misplace a file that might be a threat to your work later. Therefore, if you have the luxury of a guest profile then there is no harm in giving it out for use.

Always Keep Security in Mind – Concluding

To conclude always keep security in your mind. Several modem and routers handle the security issues for you but it is your responsibility to regularly change your password and keep your network out of reach of many people.

With security in your mind, you might end up having a more reliable network connection than people who give no importance to it.