Investments to make with crypto

The first cryptocurrency industry ever introduced was in 2009, called bitcoin. This is now priced at over 20,000 USD as of today. However, there are more than 10,000 cryptos that have made their way to the market after Bitcoin. Some of these are promising and have multiple application like Ethereum.  

Since cryptocurrencies are operated on a public ledger system called blockchain technology, it is a secure and transparent way to make transactions. No central authority or bank governs this process, so you can be sure that your information and your privacy are not privy to anyone else, no third party. 

If you are a beginner at crypto investments and are unsure about the various ways you can start making your investment portfolio and require help, it is a good idea to check out websites and applications such as this one here: Such websites allow you to access full support at the beginning of your investment journey and make smarter decisions. 

However, given the variety of options available in the market at present, choosing where to put your money can be a hard decision. A lot of people are still only interested in investing in the most popular form of crypto out there, that is, bitcoin. This is owing to its historical performance in the market. But, a lot of other cryptos also have a steady place in the market, which makes them worth checking out. 

Cryptocurrencies you can invest in right now

Let us look at the various ways you can diversify your crypto investment portfolio.


This was the first kind of cryptocurrency ever made available to the market. It was introduced back in 2009. Initially, it was priced at a whopping price of 0 USD. Most people did not believe in it back then, thus, the low price. It gained such immense popularity, however, that it is now priced at over 20 thousand USD as of today. Today, bitcoin is the leading form of cryptocurrency in terms of the user base, popularity as well as market capitalisation. 


Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that was launched back in 2015. It was launched to provide consumers with a range of financial products that were aimed to be made accessible to everyone, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or faith. It started from as low as 0.31 USD back when it was introduced. However, today, one Ether is currently priced at 1,701.57 USD.


Tether is a cryptocurrency that was launched in the year 2014. At the time Tether was introduced, it was priced at 1.0001 USD. However, as of today, it is worth 1.0 USD. Also, Tether is a cryptocurrency that is considered to be the most stable as of 2023. It was introduced as a stablecoin only. The majority of cryptocurrencies are traded using Tether these days. However, it saw a recent fall, which made many investors back from the asset class altogether. 

Binance Coin  

Binance Coin was the official crypto of Binance Exchange, but now it is available across other platforms. 1 Binance coin is worth around 288.74 USD as of today. Binance is said to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange out there. In 2023, it was named to be the most highly valued cryptocurrency. It was made available with a capacity of a maximum of around 200 million tokens.


XRP is a cryptocurrency that was launched back in 2012. Today, one XRP is currently priced at 0.34 USD. XRP was designed to be a sort of medium of exchange such that it would create a fairly priced bridge between fiat currencies. Some people confuse Ripple with XRP. However, they are not the same thing. XRP operates on the Ripple network. XRP cannot be mined, and the maximum number already exists, which is a solid 100 billion XRP.


In this article, we have talked about the various forms of cryptocurrencies available where you can choose to invest. However, there are also various other options available in the market today. One such instance is the crypto gaming industry. This is a consistently evolving industry that sees a wide consumer base. Since crypto investment is luring, it has complexities. With a better understanding of the crypto market, things will become easier for you in the crypto trading world.