Is there any need for Tempered glass screen protector for your Smartphone?

You never let your eyes off from your Smartphone. Your daily life’s activities are roaming around that Smart handset of yours as you make office calls, video conferences, and chats and of course call back home to look after your family when you are not in the house. All these mean, you and your Smartphone are inseparable.  So, you need to protect it at any cost because any bad slip or drop can cost you a bomb if you need to change the original glass screen of it. Time and again we have narrated through our article how important it is to have a high-quality tempered glass screen protector that can save you from unwanted scratches and cracks.  Luckily for you, there is an affordable way to secure your Smartphone’s glass screen. 

The first and foremost reason that should inspire and motivate you to look for a tempered glass screen protector is ‘the amount of protection it can give to your Smartphone.  Obviously, not all tempered glass screen protectors are of the same quality and you need to pick the as per your need. 

There are of course various options are out in the markets which offer protection to your Smartphone screen such as plastic screen guard and nano liquid but those have their deficiencies which are greater than their level of efficiencies.  You need a sturdy yet sophisticated guard that looks good on your hand and give you a smooth feeling. 

What is the need of Tempered glass screen protector?

Smartphone makers are constantly changing their ways to present their handsets to the world. Evolving market of smartphones’ is offering various shapes and sizes of the screens and handsets including a curved screen.  So, you need a product that can help you to protect your new smartphone handset all the time. Manufacturers of tempered glass screen protectors are always up to the challenge and constantly producing tempered glass that comes with loaded features.  Not only these tempered glass screen protectors are much tougher than the normal glass (Most of them have 9H hardness) but they also boasts properties like – Anti-fingerprint, Shatter-proof, anti-oil and many more. So, your Smartphone is completely guarded and well-protected against scratches and cracks. 

What about the display Quality?

Some people are turned off by screen protectors because they’re not confident in their ability to put one on their device or they think that a screen protector will affect their display quality. If you invest in a good screen protector, you’ll forget it’s even there. Tempered glass screen protectors feel just like your screen and they sit flush against the phone so you shouldn’t be able to see or feel the difference.

You must be worrying about the quality of display you may be experiencing, if you install a tempered glass screen protector on your Smartphone. Surprisingly enough, despite of its thickness and sturdiness tempered glass screen protector never is an obstacle to the display of your Smartphone. On the contrary, the use of Oleophobic coating on it gives a smooth feeling as your fingers glide over the screen. The display remains the same as the original glass screen. 

Saves Your Costs

Price of tempered glass screen protector is really low compared to the original glass screen of your phone. So, instead of shelling out $250 to $400 you can do away with just $15-$40. Chinese wholesale market of tempered glass screen protectors are offering tempered glass screen protectors at a really affordable price.