JB Owen’s Ignite Publishing partners with nonprofits

Many large publishing companies are solely focused on making sales and publishing as much content as possible. It is hard to find one that wants what’s best for the author and their community. JB Owen is challenging that ideal, and is dedicated to helping others through the art of publishing.

When CEO of Ignite Publishing JB Owen first launched her business in 2018, her goal was not only to publish quality stories, but to make a difference. She wanted to provide authors a welcoming environment that they had never experienced in a publishing house before. The company is dedicated to empowering people to be the best authors and business owners they can be. Through a four-month writing process, one-on-one editing, author training, and business branding, Owen is proving that her company is here for peoples’ best interest.

Teaching the value of a triple win

Ignite Publishing teaches people how to grow a business around being a professional writer and educates clients on how to create a ‘Triple Win.’ This means that the business benefits the author, the readers buying the book, and the company working closely with them. The Triple Win philosophy represents everything that Ignite stands for. These relationships help spread messages and impact the world through books. But authors and readers are not the only people JB Owen is working to help with through her company. Owen is committed to helping as many people as possible, and is working with other groups to do so.

Partnering with nonprofits to help even more people

Through Ignite’s partnership with nonprofits, they are showing that the publishing business can give back to the community.

Ignite is working with Classroom of Hope, which is a non-profit organization that builds schools in areas around the world that are in need. Ignite is helping to build a school in Cambodia through their Possibilities School of Hope Initiative. They’re doing their part by donating the proceeds of their online book sales, donations from the Ignite Possibilities Cycling Tours, as well as private donations.

Not just making a difference from the boardroom, JB Owen and her husband embarked on a 65-day, 6000 kilometer cycling trip to raise awareness and funds for this cause. “We are incredibly inspired by Ignite Possibilities and the team that is cycling from Alberta to Alaska and back, which is an incredible challenge. The hope that these cyclists are bringing to children in rural Cambodia is going to manifest into a safe and secure learning environment and access to education. We all know that education unlocks the doors of opportunity and it is a human right for every child. Many thanks from the team at Classroom of Hope and our local partner in Cambodia,” Founder and CEO of Classroom of Hope Duncan Ward said.

Additionally,  proceeds from Ignite’s book sales go into the Ignite Scholarship Fund. This fund supports authors who may need help financially and are struggling with financial hardships. All of the money from the sales of their previous book, Ignite Possibilities, and their most recent book, Ignite the Hunger in You, will go toward building the Ignite Possibilities School of Hope.

To learn more about JB Owen and how Ignite Publishing is working to serve the community visit her page here.