Jetpack Review: Overview on Jetpack plugin for WordPress

One of the most popular plugins associated with WordPress is Jetpack. Jetpack is one of the first and rated WordPress plugins that can be found in the official directory. It is also one of the highest numbers of installations. Interestingly, numerous people have come to depend on Jetpack for their website activities.

More so, Jetpack is one of the best plugins that provide functionalities such as security, backups, performance, and CDNs. It is also essential for list building and marketing, among other things. Jetpack is easy to use and is fully supported by WordPress and its professional support team.

Setting it up is straightforward and easy. Particularly, it is useful if you do not have the time to manage your WordPress activities daily.

So, What Is Jetpack?

Jetpack is a free plugin that is created and designed by Automattic. The same company behind WordPress itself creates this free WordPress plugin. Jetpack consists of various modules that include numerous plugins. It is useful to monitor, enhance, and manage a self-hosted WordPress site.

A developed plugin from Automattic, it has over one million installs and more than 1,300 positive reviews.

For beginners, jetpack offers an intuitive and easy way to get started in the customization and managing of self-hosted websites. Experienced website users can also benefit from other features offered by jetpack, especially if you have experience with it.

To use Jetpack, you need a WordPress plugin account to activate the plugin. It does not matter if you are on a free or paid plan; you still need an account before you can enjoy the full functionality.

Features Of Jetpack

There are numerous modules in a jetpack. The compounding features of the module results in the functionality of jetpack. Highlighted below are some of the top features of using jetpack plugin

  • Professional Themes

Jetpack is very useful for providing access to numerous professional themes. For free users, there are hundreds of professional themes that can be accessed. However, paid users can access additional premium rated themes.

  • Image CDN

Your images can be served from the WordPress website for increased functionality and quick load.

  • Statistics For Your Website

With the Jetpack plugin, you can show how many visits occur on your website with the most popular pages and posts. These statistics and others are available through jetpack.

  • Related post

With a jetpack, you can display related suggested posts based on what your website visitor is presently reading.

  • Social media publishing

Jetpack plugins allow you to share your published post on social media networks automatically. You could also schedule your social media post.

  • Social media sharing

You can add the sharing button on your published post to foster the opportunity for your website visitors to share your content on their own social media account.

  • Advertisement

With Jetpack, you could also allow and display advertisements on your website for extra revenue. It is worthy to note that this feature is only available for premium users.

  • Payment making

You can also add a payment button with your jetpack plugin to allow your visitors to make payment through PayPal and other payment platforms. This payment can be made for goods, digital downloads and so on.

Jetpack Plans And Pricing

You must have been waiting for this part. Well, how much does it cost to enjoy all these amazing features from this plugin? Well, the first plan is free!

To start with, you don’t have to pay for anything. It all depends on the functionality you are hoping to get from the jetpack plugin.

The advanced functionality comes with some premium advantages you might not be getting on the free plan. The other plans for the jetpack plugin include

  • $3.50 per month / $39 per year

With this rate, you enjoy daily automated backup, 30 days archive of data, optimum security, monitoring of downtime, and automated spam filtering.

  • $9 per month / $99 per year

For this rate, you enjoy daily automated backup, 30 days archive of data, optimum security, monitoring of downtime, automated spam filtering, automated malware scanning, and automatic security fixes.

  • $29 per month / $299 per year

This rate allows you to get real-time backup, unlimited archive, optimized security, monitoring in downtime situations. Also, you enjoy spam filtering, automated malware scanning, and automatic security fixes.

To Wrap It Up

Jetpack comes with a lot of amazing features. You can subscribe to any suitable plan and start enjoying it.

Few Hosting providers bundles Jetpack’s Personal License for free when you subscribe with them. This allow you to get all the above-mentioned features for free.

You just need to pay for the hosting which you’re already doing if you want to use Jetpack or any other alternative.

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