Jonny Dodge Shares the Top Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

With over 31 million entrepreneurs operating in the United States and nearly 600 million entrepreneurs worldwide, some may wonder if there is any room left to get started. Despite the competition, creating a startup and generating success doesn’t typically happen overnight but is still possible. Understanding what it takes to achieve success often leads to more outstanding results. 

Jonny Dodge, a British serial entrepreneur who operates in the Luxury & Experience sector, shares his secrets to having startup success. Entrepreneurial hopefuls can learn from his distinctive process to gain traction, reach goals, and increase profits. Known as the Superyacht Influencer, a nickname dubbed by Forbes Magazine, his vast experience leaves him with a plethora of knowledge to share with the rest of the world.

Think Outside the Box

While some would think innovative ideas are a given, not everyone is willing to think outside the box. You don’t want to do what everyone else is doing — you want to do it even better by taking things to the next level. It’s precisely what Jonny Dodge has done throughout his career, creating an enhanced superyacht experience instead of the traditional cruise on the water. Rather than traveling on a yacht for a week while enjoying the scenery, Dodge’s company, My Ocean, takes guests on exhilarating experiences with travels to dive deep enough to see the Titanic or experience Antarctica.

Dream Big 

Never tell yourself that an idea is too far out there. Dream big and encourage others to do the same. It’s a motto that Jonny Dodge lives by as a serial entrepreneur who believes in providing more extraordinary experiences that aren’t currently available anywhere else. His willingness to go hard and dream big has helped him transform My Ocean into a high-earning venture, despite launching the company during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Find a Mentor

You can’t go wrong in the industry when you have a mentor to help you get through some of the hurdles that most entrepreneurs experience at some point or another. While Jonny Dodge was lucky enough to encounter several billionaire mentors throughout his journey, he took their guidance and suggestions seriously, using them to his advantage to build his business from the ground up. “Find a good mentor that can help you on this journey and never assume that anything is impossible for you to do. It’s one word that you shouldn’t have in your vocabulary,” shared Dodge.

Adapt to Change

As the world becomes a different place, with more technology available than ever before, Jonny Dodge anticipates upcoming changes in the travel industry, but he’s not afraid to tackle them. If you’re willing to adapt to change and work with it instead of letting it work against you, expect to succeed.

Entrepreneurial success requires innovative thinking, risk-taking, and hard work, but it’s achievable. Jonny Dodge proves that you can turn nothing into something while making a name for yourself with the right mindset, good ideas, and a bit of mentorship. Be sure to check him out on Instagram @JonnyDodge_ to learn more about his experiences as an entrepreneur and adventurer.