Kitchen Design Trends

A house can be seen as a body but it is aptly said the heart of any home is believed to be the Kitchen. It is the place that brings together everyone in the family, not only with the purpose of having food together but to mingle with one another as well. Modern kitchens are now been transformed into an unrestrained versatile areas wherein the families can dine and socialise with friends and families and do the most basic necessity, cook by with technology by enjoying themselves. That’s why choosing correct Kitchen Design or Kitchen Trend is very essential.

Modify Kitchen has always been main concern when anyone thinks about remodeling your house. Choosing the correct way to upgrade your kitchen sometimes becomes an overwhelming process. Keeping a track of or chasing the latest Kitchen trends is difficult.Let us check out most momentous and emerging Kitchen Trends the year 2019 that will shape the future

Bold Colours

Vibrant and Bold Colours in the Kitchen makes them feel lively. This year colours in the shade such as Dark Blues, Greys, green, plum, navy, mostly matte colours and even black, more textures with painted cabinet is a new Kitchen Style Statement for a modern looking kitchen.Unlike past few years where paints match the appliances or wood grainy effects, nowadays vibrant colours became popular with minimum designs and less cleaning requirement are more popular.

Given that kitchens are an ideal place for experimenting with colours, there are other factors to consider as well such as which areas to be liti.e. enclosed spaces, vibrant shades can be used for accessories, settle on shade for cabin, bearing in mind space in the kitchen propounding elegant and luxurious look.

Concealed Storage

Your gadgets and appliances inevitably play an important part in the kitchen.  Your key kitchen technologies such as coffee machines, grinders, induction hob, food gadgets and other smart appliances can be kept concealed at a hidden wall panel an retractable doors gives your kitchen a non clustery look. It makes you kitchen look managed and stylish. As your hidden drawers or sliding doors enable you to conceal selection of your appliances as well as maximise your space in the kitchen.


The trend of marble never fades; in fact it helps in form a kitchen with character. Marble with the help of beauty and strength demonstrates elegance as well as sophistication making it a perfect choice for kitchen counters. Marble is well suited for both classic as well as contemporary designs of the kitchen and to be honest is a must have material for a trendy kitchen.

Kitchen Island

Those kitchens that has ample amount of space and dimension, can certainly accommodate islands.  It is not only a place to sit, do homework or eat but also a place to store extra kitchen stuffs depending on its design.  Besides, adjoining stools to your island can make it a casual dining area too.

If you are looking for an option to island peninsula works equally fine. But you need to keep in mind that it only works well with single wall or an L-shaped layout. Considering it, both island and peninsula will continue to gain recognition.

Kitchen Lights

Lighting up your kitchen is also a very vital part of designing kitchen. In today’s era smart lightings are considered as the best option. Smart lighting, task lightings as well as cabinet lightings are a well used and appreciated options as it allows light in every corner, purge shadow and make your kitchen appear as warm and inviting.

Smart Kitchen

Smart kitchen is the newest trend this year.There are many kitchen technologies and they will keep on evolving.  Not too much of surprise smart appliances such as build in Bluetooth speakers, automated lightings will very soon turn out to be an everyday necessity. You spend most of your time in the kitchen and it is the one room that keeps you updated.

Smart technology can be more effective if it is incorporated in the kitchen from the beginning i.e. your planning stage but the devices can also be fixated or added to an existing layout as well. Other smart appliances such as voice activated lightings, motion activated taps, fridge that updates you when the stocks are running low or coffee that is brewed as you take your stairs to the kitchen makes your everyday life experience easier.

Your kitchen trends and its designs constantly keepon advancingwith the change or innovation in technology as well as the taste and trends of people. It is not a surprise that kitchen is the principally most significant room in the modern houses making it a multipurpose hub in the heart of the whole family.