Living Room Refresh: 4 Inspired Decor Ideas

After nearly a year cooped up in our homes, most of us are tired of staring at our own four walls – and that makes this the perfect time for a home update. Get your living room looking its best in 2021 with these modern decor upgrades.

By adding just a few new pieces, a little organizational effort, and moving around your existing elements, you can transform your living space into a more comfortable and inspiring space. 

Add Some Light

Your choice of lighting sets the mood for your room. Too many living rooms depend heavily on overhead lighting, though, which can be overly bright and harsh.

Cut the glare by replacing your overhead lighting with strategically placed floor lamps and other task lighting. Although an overhead light is occasionally helpful, in most cases, placing a few smaller lights around the space provides all the visibility you need, while being more pleasant and easy on the eyes.

Update Your Mantel

Does your living room boast a fireplace? If so, you may not be putting your mantel space to the best use.

Try decorating your mantel with layered elements, such as framed images, candles or candlestick holders, figurines, and plants. By including elements of varying sizes and materials, you can add depth and interest to this locale, and make your mantel the focal point of the entire room.

Cut Through The Clutter

Many homeowners find it a constant struggle to keep the clutter out of their living room because, as a central space, items tend to collect there. Luckily, to reduce the clutter here, you don’t have to dive head first into minimalism.

Instead, find ways to use your space to turn clutter into a display, while also creating systems for managing items that land where they don’t belong. For example, you might make use of a corner of your fireplace mantel to display a few books, or install tables that have built-in storage.

As for the odds and ends, many families swear by the “put back basket,” which is simply a basket that collects all the things that find their way to the wrong room. Everyone can participate in adding items to the basket, after which you all can journey around the house together, and return items to their proper places.

Go For Bold Colors

Minimalist design and trendy Nordic furniture have left many homes looking muted, but your living room doesn’t have to turn entirely taupe to be welcoming. Make the space pop by adding unique patterns and bold colors, like the bright textiles used on Bespoke Binnie’s wax lampshades or colorful art prints from Jungalow.

One of the great things about adding a few colorful pieces to your living room is that they can quickly brighten up the entire space without your having to perform many other changes. They also allow you to show off some personality, which is great when you’re hosting guests.

Updating your living room style doesn’t need to be pricey or an extended project. In fact, it can easily be done a little at a time by swapping items around, picking up elements online or at thrift stores, or pulling your favorite old pieces out of the closet.

Ultimately, a room is more than the sum of its parts. What truly matters is how all the elements come together to create a comfortable space that meets your family’s needs.