Look to Lincoln for Luxury in SUVs

Lincoln has been one of America’s top luxury automakers for decades, and the SUVs they’re producing today honour and add to their legacy. The craftsmanship and innovation that made Lincoln famous are still there, only they’ve added modern technology to kick things up a notch or two.

Let’s check out some of the most impressive luxuries you can find today in Lincoln SUVs.

Drive Modes

Now, drivers can adjust how their SUV drives to suit road conditions and even their mood with just a twist of a dial. Vehicles like the 2021 Lincoln Navigator have six distinct drive modes, from Conserve to Excite.

If it starts to snow or rain, turn it to Slippery, or turn it to Deep Conditions if the snow begins to pile up. Adjusting the vehicle’s core driving posture with the turn of a knob is just one of the luxuries you’ll find in today’s Lincolns.

Visit your local dealership like Colony Lincoln to see what the driving modes actually feel like.

Headlamps That Adapt

Lincoln makes headlamps that adjust according to the vehicle’s speed to cast light where it’s needed. At slow speeds, the beam is wide, and it narrows when the vehicle travels faster.

See where you’re going at all times, without having to even make any manual adjustments.

Impossibly Comfortable Seating

Lincolns pamper whoever sits inside them, whether they’re driving the vehicle or riding in the third row. Perfect Position front seats with available Active Motion massages drivers, enough to ease the tension of even the worst traffic jam.

The front seats can heat up or cool down as needed, while the second row offers best-in-class seating when in its full rearward position.

Centre Touchscreen

The Lincoln Navigator has a Centre Touchscreen that lets drivers and passengers control their infotainment with the press of a button. The system is very responsive, and it’s easy to sync an Apple or Android smartphone.

Incredible Audio

People spend a lot of time driving, and nothing makes the minutes go by faster than the right music! Lincoln’s sound system goes above and beyond, with the available Revel Ultima audio system offering 20 speakers strategically located in the vehicle optimized for acoustics.

Stereo, Audience, and On Stage listening modes render your music the way it was supposed to sound.

Innovative Technology

Lincoln has a range of advanced safety technology in its Lincoln Co-Pilot360 that can warn drivers if there’s a vehicle in their blind spot when changing lanes or let them know to avoid a risk ofa collision ahead.

Other manufacturers have safety technology too, but Lincolns’ go the extra mile. In the 2021 Lincoln Navigator, Head-Up Display comes standard, casting important driving information right on the windshield. Drivers can know everything they need to without having to take their eyes off the road for even a moment.

Lincoln vehicles have many other types of important innovation, from the different engines you can choose from to the lighter but stronger frame that makes the vehicle drive more efficiently. But from the big things to the tiniest detail, Lincolns are the place to look if you want to find the heights of luxury in an SUV.