Low Self Esteem: 10 Key Indicators That You Are Lacking Self-Love

An important aspect of one’s health and happiness is self-love, which we often overlook. Among many aspects of well-being, a general focus is often an extrinsic approach and not the intrinsic one. Generally, people are often seen to be focused on the well-being of body health and well-being of appearance. What about well-being of mind? 

What is Self-Love?

Self-love is a characteristic feature that indicates how you see yourself, how you manage your relationships with others, and most importantly, what decisions you make for yourself. Sometimes circumstances are so unfavorable that a person might seem growing up physically but mentally; he might lack this key well-being aspect.

Now! How to know that a person has enough self-love or not? There are many behavioral indicators that predict that a person lacks self-love. Let us have a look at what kind of behaviors and attitude show deficiency of self-love

Indicators That You Are Lacking Self-Love

1.      Masking

Hiding one’s true self from others from the fear of being judged or disliked by others is commonly termed as masking. You can understand this by taking chameleon as an example. Likewise hiding true aspects of personality, opinions, likes, and dislikes from others comes under the umbrella of masking. If one feels so it is evidence of lacking self-love. Professional assistance can help overcome it.

2. Struggle In Physical & Mental Self-Care

A sound mind and a sound body are vice versa if one does not have a peaceful mind, he cannot ensure good physical health. Overeating or skipping meals and overcoming the state of restlessness with the usage of drugs or alcohol could surely be due to a lack of self-love.

If one relates to this then in order to improve oneself, there are quite a number of options available. It could be a good rehab center or insurance coverage plan, especially for alcoholism.

3. Put Oneself Behind

If you are not investing enough time in yourself, it shows that you have some other priorities. It could be either in the form of time or money. Women are often seen putting themselves behind. You should spare some time for yourself, spend on your personality, grooming, knowledge and weaknesses. It might help you gain confidence and eventually love for yourself.

4. Comparison With Others

Constant comparison with others and thinking yourself less than anyone is another important indicator that you lack self-love. Love yourself; be thankful for what nature has gifted you. Not all are made equal. 

Every individual is different, and each one of us has different abilities and qualities. So, it is important to embrace yourself the way you are. If you feel you have weaknesses, you can work on them and get more confidence in yourself.

5. Lack Of Confidence

Being scared of others opinions about you. Do you fear how others might judge you than you are truly lagging somewhere in self-love? Fear that how others might think of what you are looking and how you are looking refer to lacking self-confidence. 

A constant thought that the others always observe you also refer to a lack of self-confidence. Stop being worried about how others might think about you. Love yourself the way you are.

6. Finding Hard To Let Go Mistakes

Mistakes are meant to teach lessons. Finding it hard to let go of your mistakes and being too hard on yourself for errors you have made puts the mind under stress. It puts your mind and soul under a constant fight that is not good for mental well-being. 

It is common to make mistakes every human do so. Hence learn from them and move on. Love yourself and forget your mistakes. It will be helpful for developing self-love.

7. Overanalyzing Yourself

Every individual is unique. Constant comparison of one’s personality with others can be hazardous for one’s well-being. Be thankful for what you have. A comparison of what others have and one don’t have a strong indicator that one is struggling in self-love. The important way to overcome it is to praise oneself for what has been achieved so far. Praise yourself for what has been gained.

8. Not Good In Relationships

If you are struggling with managing good relationships then one possible reason for it could be lacking self-love. In order to understand how it correlates, you must understand that a person who lacks self-love will always look for admiration and affirmation from loved ones. It will put enormous pressure on the loved ones to constantly fulfill your demand to be admired.

9.  Not Being Confident Of Your Looks

If your appearance hinders you in the way you interact with others, it indicates lacking self-love. Appreciate yourself. There are no standards of beauty. Thinking you less than others just on the basis of looks and appearance is a wrong approach. In order to overcome it, go for a healthy routine. A healthy routine could include exercise, sports, and social interactions.

10. Giving Up On Dreams

Setting up on a completely new journey and giving up on your dreams due to fear of failure is an indication that your personality lacks self-love. According to Abundance advice, it is also necessary to manifest, stick to what you aim and dream. Don’t give up on them. Don’t fear that you might come across failures. Stick to what you aim and dream. Don’t give up on them. Don’t fear that you might come across failures.

Ups and downs are part of life; it is all about how motivated and keen you are to get to your dreams. Hardships might come across but be courageous to face and overcome it.


Self-love is important to mental wellness. There is no doubt about it that sometimes circumstances make it hard to admire oneself but let go of things and keep the spirits high. Be mindful of yourself. Keep a constant reminder of what you have achieved. 

Engage yourself in healthy activities. It will help in building self-esteem and somehow self-love. You cannot develop self-love overnight, but with constant hard work, it can be done. Visiting a professional for assistance is also not a bad idea. 

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