Missing your Family Living in Another Country? Here’s what You can Do.

So, your family is living in another country in pursuit of a better future, or you’ve moved to a new country hoping for better things. Both you and they have managed all the obstacles expertly- the research, the culture shock, the money, everything has gone down well. But then comes an unexpected villain- the longing.

Then, all the hard work and sacrifices seem trivial, and you start to long and yearn for your family and the place you used to call home.

This sense of loss and disconnect is a normal reaction for many people worldwide, at least in the early stages. However, the sudden lack of a family can also ring alarm bells in your head. 

But you need to learn to accept it and move on. And as far as missing your family is concerned, here are some things you should try when they’re far off in another country:

1. Pour your heart out

Calling has many advantages but can never add as much emotion and personality as writing. So, try to write letters or emails to your family and loved ones and encourage them too.

It can be way more personal. They can tell you everything that’s happening, and you can let them remind you of your feelings. And words have magical powers to touch our souls directly. 

Ask them about their mundane experiences, the details of the place, the food, the culture, and the people they’re surrounded with. Calling abroad can have problems too. The signal or the video quality may not be optimal. 

You or your family may get overwhelmed by emotions and start crying while on call, breaking your hearts. Writing gives your thoughts clarity and the right expression you want to deliver to them. 

If you want to make it extra special, send a forever roses box to your family that will let them know how much they mean to you.

2. Go out and have fun

You need a bit of happiness too. If you’re feeling down because you miss your family, you should sometimes go out and have fun. Call your friends, plan a day out, and do things you love. 

Even your family would want that for you. They won’t want you to be grumpy and sad all the time. So, cheer up, and hope for the best. Make some videos, and click some pics to share with them later. This way, they’ll be connected with your happiness. 

3. Virtual presence

Even if you’re not physically present for every little thing, try to be there with them or support them virtually as much as possible. Sports events, school programs, and weddings- create a connection with the occasions. Record a video or make a video call to cheer them on, to let them know how proud you’re of them.

Yes, in-person attendance would have been better. But your efforts are the direct repercussion of your love and care, making your family feel valued and still united with you. 

Also, you can spend long hours planning and chatting about these occasions or surprises that’ll be a source of joy for your family and yourself.

4. Make a proper schedule.

When the distance between you and your family includes entire continents and oceans, you need to address the most confusing thing you’ve probably never faced: the time difference.

There are different time zones all throughout the world, and when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning, it may very well be midnight sleep for your family. That’s why you need a schedule for regular interactions. Also, if your family is considerably large, you’ll need time to catch up with them. 

So, plan for it, schedule it in your calendar, or set up reminders on your phone about calling your family, especially in the first few months. Then, let it become a habit, a priority to connect with them.

5. The daily life

Share your daily life and ask your family to talk about their daily life in that country. The small moments of happiness, sorrow, and excitement should be shared within the family. 


It may get a bit frustrating and lonely when your family is located in another country. But the best way to overcome this longing and sense of missing them is to spend time with them.

In this modern world, distance can no longer tear apart a family. There are way too many platforms that help you get in constant touch with anybody in any place in this world.