Most Reliable and Best Reseller Hosting Service Provider for 2021

As every organization needs a website to represent its business online. Do you have a web designing company or you are an entrepreneur and want to create a full-income flow to your business? You can avail this opportunity by starting your own reseller hosting company. 

If you don’t want to start your company from scratch then you can go for reseller web hosting. It is the easiest and the fastest way to grow your organization in less time. 

What Is A Reseller Web Hosting?

In reseller web hosting, the owner (web hosting provider) gave its hard drive space and bandwidth on rent to another organization at wholesale price, which resells the server space, software, and bandwidth to someone looking to build a website to make a profit.

How to choose the Best Reseller Hosting Service provider?

There are dozens of reseller hosting providers in the industry to determine which is the most effective and accurate one. Every web host provides one of the most amazing tools that is WHMCS (Web Host Manager  Manager Complete Solution). To run your business efficiently WHMCS is the most beneficial tool and it comprises client management, technical support, and billing services.

Here are some more key features that are offered by the best reseller hosting provider:

  • Latest and easy to use cPanel
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Technical Customer Support
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Fully-managed services
  • Merchant gateways
  • SSL certificate
  • Free WHMCS
  • Private name servers
  • Spam protection
  • Free weekly backups

The 5 Best Reseller Hosting Providers and Plans for 2021

  • VisualWebTechnologies
    VisualWebTechnologies is the best Cheap reseller hosting service provider. It offers a powerful, innovative, and reliable Cloud SSD to meet your requirements. This provides completely white-label reseller hosting accounts with free automatic SSLs, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited migrations, and unlimited emails.

    Pricing Plan:
    1. Web Shuttle $6.21/month
    2. Web Voyager $11.21/month
    3. Web Raider $20.21/month
    4. Site Carrier $30.21/month
  • Glowhost:
    Glowhost provides the best reseller hosting packages that are amazing for site operators who want a better cPanel. Their reseller packages are fully managed, easy to control, and help you to manage billing and accounting with fewer efforts.

    Pricing Plan:
    1. Level I: $24.95/month
    2. Level II: $39.95/month
    3. Level III: $59.95/month
    4. Level IV: $89.95/month
    5. Level V: $129.95/month
  • VPSGround:
    VPSGround is the most reliable reseller hosting provider that offers fully-managed hosting solutions. With their 24/7 impeccable support, 99.9% uptime service, free domain reseller, free daily backups, high-performance SSD servers, free migration, 99.9% Uptime SLA, advanced security shield, and a money-back guarantee.

    Pricing Plan:
    1. Basic Plan: $24.99/month
    2. Standard Plan: $34.99/month
    3. Premium Plan: $44.99/month
    4. Enterprise Plan: $49.99/month
  • Prenhost:
    Prenhost provides the best Reseller Hosting Plan which is great for your business. These plans are designed in such a way that you can save money by availing them.

    Pricing Plan:
    1. Starter: 700TK/month
    2. Business: 1200TK/month
    3. Enterprise: 2200TK/month
  • CheapHosting
    CheapHosting is the best Linux business hosting provider in India. They allow you to customize your plans and packages. It offers one of the best web hosting services with free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sub-domains, databases, free site speed, tech support, etc.

    Pricing Plan:
    1. PLRS 1: ₹110/month
    2. PLRS 2: ₹160/month
    3. PLRS 3: ₹220/month
    4. PLRS 4: ₹280/month
    5. PLRS 5: ₹340/month
    6. PLRS 6: ₹400/month
    7. PLRS 7: ₹460/month
    8. PLRS 8: ₹610/month
    9. PLRS 9: ₹1,330/month


This article has rounded up five of the best reseller hosting that provides affordable and user-friendly services. At HostingSeeker you can filter the company based on reviews, pricing plan, and other features. With such plenty of options, you can find the most reliable reseller host for your business. Your final decision depends upon your organization and the client’s needs.

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