New year, new project: Home improvement ideas for 2023

If you’ve reached the end of the year feeling bogged down or in desperate need of a fresh beginning, starting a new project could make a refreshing change and turn your home into the best version of itself. In this guide we’ll share a few ideas to help you feel inspired to take up a small renovation project that could give your home a new lease of life as we head into the new year, leaving any negativity behind.

Upgrade your furniture

Is your old coffee table taking up most of the space in your living room, or are you feeling fed up with your kitchen table? It could be time for an upgrade, and modern designs could prove much more practical. Not only can new furniture give a whole new feel to a room, For example, a Victorian style door can improve a room’s aesthetic by adding a sort of elegance. it can also create more opportunities for storage or décor with many new items being multi-functional. 

For your bedroom, purpose-built storage solutions like fitted wardrobes could open up the floor and make the most of empty wall space, leaving the bed as an inviting focal point of the room. For the kitchen, why not swap your old table for a newer, elegant one for your family?

Tidy up

In any case, the first step to improving your home should be to get rid of things you no longer need or use. If you can’t bring yourself to throw it away, why not take to Facebook Marketplace or your local car boot sale to make a profit on your old furniture?  With the value of vintage Ikea on the rise, you could be holding onto more than you’d expect- the money you make from your old items could be reinvested into upgrades for the house or saved away for a family holiday or that new console you’ve been holding off on! 

…and improve your storage!

Smart storage solutions are the way to go, especially for growing families or those with smaller living areas. To maximise space in your home, look for creative ways to store items. Why not make space for under stairs storage? Convenient and discrete, this project wouldn’t be a major overhaul either.

Clear plastic containers are a great starting point, allowing you to see inside and save precious time searching for things especially when they’re used under the bed. Use easy-to-reach shelves for books and boxes but take advantage of higher spaces for the lighter things, too.

Add a feature wall

Bold and eye-catching, any feature wall could give character and charm to any room in your home. Whether you choose bright and daring colours in striking patterns or a dark backdrop for your bookshelves, feel inspired by the huge array of possibilities for feature wall designs

Giving your house the ‘wow factor’ has never been easier – and focusing on one room could be more affordable than a larger renovation or extension project, too. However you choose to improve your home, the new year is a fantastic time to start.