Office Design Ideas Fit for Today’s Workforce

In the next few years our workforce will be made up of millennials, and most if not all, of Gen-Z. It’s no surprise the need for a modern workplace is a trend all businesses should be adopting. The need for a creative, modern, and flexible/hybrid workplace is something that is appealing to today’s talents. Traditional, soul-sucking office spaces are no longer appealing for most. Especially after working from home for the last two years, most have adapted to new ways of working.

Modern office spaces are beneficial to the growth of your business as it increases creativity, productivity, and longevity among your employees. Employees are not only focused on financial compensation but also looking for flexible workplaces focused on the well-being of their staff. Here are office design ideas you should consider for your office space.

Open Concept Floor Plans

Open concept floor plans are very forgiving because you are able to design the space in a way that is suitable for your company and employee needs. The space can be used to cater to most work styles. There can be private work areas for those who desire to be free from distractions. Or you can include shared workspaces for more collaborative involvement. Cubicle desks for a semi-private setting can be utilized or workbenches for a setting that allows more communication between your staff.

Home away from home setups are on the rise in order to cater to those who work from home. This area can include couches, armchairs, and coffee tables for a lounge or living room feel. The lounge areas can be used for meetings as well. If you want meetings to take place privately you can consider an enclosed space with glass walls to keep that open concept design. 

The idea is for you to make the space suitable for your staff while creating a varied workplace. A space that feels homier and less like a prison for increased productivity and decreased stress if you will.

Ergonomic Furniture

While sitting at a clean and organized workspace might help keep you productive, spending 8 plus hours a day sitting on an uncomfortable chair and desk has proven to take a toll on the body. You’ll want to consider ergonomic furniture to preserve the health and well-being of your office staff. Updating office furniture will benefit your business as a whole as it’s proven to boost creativity and better concentration when working. It enhances the health and well-being of your office as a whole.

Make changes to furniture such as chairs that are adjustable in height and offer proper back support or think about providing exercise balls for sitting which promote healthy lumbar. Adjustable desks allow your staff to alternate from sitting to standing at their desk. It also permits them to adjust their desk to an appropriate height, when sitting, in order to avoid strain on the neck and shoulders.

Natural Lighting/ Modern Interior Design

No more are the days of dark, lifeless colored office spaces. That is because businesses are including spaces with more natural lighting. Don’t underestimate the power and importance of natural lighting. You’ll want to put some thought into adding natural lighting into your workplace as it’s extremely beneficial to your employees. Natural light is mood-boosting, energizing, reduces eye straining, and is extremely healthy for one’s mental well-being.

For offices that don’t have natural lighting, there are options like adding skylight windows. If that is not feasible, you can choose to light throughout the office that mimics daylight, changing up the paint around the office and including modern decor to lighten up the space.

Investing in an outside lounge/work area can also provide employees with the option to work outdoors for better productivity.

In conclusion, you’ll want to prolong the modern office layout movement no further. The benefits are undeniably beneficial especially if you are seeking to grow your business and lower your turnover rates. Increased productivity, lower turnaround, and happier and healthier employees are all qualities of a business today’s talents are seeking.