Oncological wigs: Some important points to know

Oncological wigs are a good option to feel better during treatments that cause hair loss. Hair loss can be a very stressful factor for cancer patients undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy. Fortunately, there are options like cancer wigs that can help reduce that stress. There are several considerations before choosing the wig. Let’s explore the topic.

The hair

If you have long hair, you can cut it in parts until you remove it completely, so that you gradually adapt to the change. There are times when chemotherapy does not make hair fall out quickly, so you will have time to choose the style of wig, scarf, turban or hat that best suits you, or you can even choose not to use anything and present yourself without any accessory. The most important thing is that you look the best you feel.

If you decide to use a wig, take advantage of this stage to change the style and color, making sure to choose the best effect to highlight your eyes and your skin tone.

Ask a family member or your best friend to accompany you and together give each other time to choose. Remember that the beauty accessory you choose will accompany you for a long time.


There are two types of oncological wigs, according to the type of hair: synthetic or natural. In both cases, you can be sure that it will shine, since today the hair industry has developed new techniques with which only those wigs that are worn without “personality” are detectable. In this case, it is important that you convince yourself that the wig will be the accessory that presents your best image, and makes you look beautiful and radiant. The main advantage of oncological human hair wigs is that you can currently find them in several different colors and hairstyles that can accommodate your personal style and way of life. Thanks to the Internet, you can find anything you’re looking for with just a few clicks. There are many online wig shops to explore.

Synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs have a modern styling, and they maintain their style for a long time, they dry faster after washing and their price is more accessible than that of natural hair wigs. The downside is that they cannot be styled with pliers or a blow dryer, as they will burn. Nowadays, you will find synthetic wigs that can be styled with a curling iron or an iron, but to identify them, you should ask the supplier about their handling, so that you avoid damaging it.

Oncological natural hair wigs

The hair varies according to its origin, so you can find from very cheap wigs, to expensive. The advantage of this type of wig is that it can be styled like natural hair, that is, using a dryer, an iron, and even applying color. It is important to emphasize that their care is expensive in the long run, so your decision will depend on your needs.

Find the best option

All wigs offer a ventilated cap, however, the manufacturing process they have undergone will be the factor that determines their comfort and price. If you prefer another option, there are bangs, braids, partial fillers and hairpieces for use with hats and turbans.

Hairpieces are an alternative if you prefer not to wear a wig, or you just don’t want to wear it every day. They can be used attached (sailboat system) to the inside of a hat or a turban, which falls naturally from below giving the illusion of a head with hair.

If you bought your wig online, we recommend having it adjusted by a wig professional, so that he can adapt it according to your morphology and personality. Avoid cutting or adjusting it yourself, as you may damage it. Any permanent changes to the wig should not be made haphazardly.

Both natural and synthetic wigs exist with bangs or strands to cover the natural hairline, but if you prefer you can choose it without fringes. Today, you can find various wigs easily on Internet just by doing some clicks. Headband wigs, lace front wigs, and many more. Thank you for reading and we hope this post was helpful.