Pass CAPM Exam With Current PMI CAPM Practice Questions [2020]

CAPM stands for Certified Associate in Project Management. The certification and the allied functions are handled by the PMI (Project Management Institute) based in London. The certification focuses on the knowledge and skill an individual must possess in order to manage a project better than non certified employees and make it reach the maximum achievable status. The certification allows the candidate to apply for several jobs that he or she otherwise won’t have been able to, like project manager, project head, team lead, etc. Below are the details of CAPM certification.

Prerequisites required for applying the test- The requirements to be met for appearing in the examination are based on the experience of the candidate gained over the years. An applicant with no experience at all must have a secondary degree like a high school diploma or equivalent along with twenty-three hours of project management education, while the experienced applicants need to possess a secondary degree along with 1500 hours of project management hours. Project management education generally refers to the credit hours of formal education on project management a candidate is required to obtain.

Syllabus: – The five groups under the CAPM syllabus are: – initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. The syllabus is subdivided into ten knowledge areas, which are in order as: – Area 1 is the management of project integration, project scope management, project time management, project cost management, project quality management, project human resource management, project communications management, project risk management, project procurement management, and project stakeholder management.

Medium: – A candidate may appear the test in English or use the 13 other language aids provided by the PMI. 

Validity: – the certificate nullifies after five years, at the end of which the candidate may retake the test to recertify himself or herself. The certified personnel may as well prefer to obtain 15 PDUs (Professional Development Units) within the time frame of three years to extend the validity of the certificate. 

Advantages of CAPM certification :

* Improvement factor: With such an efficient tag of a CAPM holder, the resume itself glows, which makes the hiring officers think twice before rejecting an individual or candidate. Moreover, there remains no ambiguity in selecting such candidates. It can be aptly said that the project management sector is much affected positively with the inclusion of a CAPM holder since they possess a unique set of ideas, including the regulation of backup plans for some career risks.

* Global achievement or affirmation: A CAPM certified individual or employee has already added the tag of a ‘future business star’ just because of the CAPM certificate. With the efforts put by Sprintzeal, the CAPM has come to light because of the surveys conducted by various authorities. It clearly showed that candidates with CAPM certificates are recognized all over the world for the way of work and the ideas, including regulation of the prolific management plans.

* Various branches of job prospects and future stability: In the project management field, a single bad project can ruin the entirety of a long career. But the CAPM makes sure that the employees get accredited well enough to get multiple offers from within the country as well as abroad. Thus, the job prospects in such cases hike up by a huge number, showcasing a list of ideas as well as opportunities. 

* Hike in the salary: The CAPM certification is such a certificate that guarantees that there is a gradual increase in the payment of the salary of the individuals from time to time. This is one of the prime factors in today’s world. Thus, the project management field gets much acknowledged by the entry of such candidates with a CAPM certificate. 

CAPM training and certification both aim at building the personality of an individual who is aiming to handle projects. The skills that are intensified and sharpened by CAPM are relationship building, critical thinking, risk management, etc. The knowledge refers to the concepts of project management like project funding, project evaluation techniques, etc. With varied knowledge such as the above and a CAPM certification, the success of an individual knows no bound. The tips to clear the CAPM certification are mentioned above.