PH Water Meter – Drink safe water

Everyone has heard about the pH water level. But what exactly is pH, very few know. For this, we will tell you what pH is and how it is important.

pH Water Level: 

pH level is a system to measure electrically charged particles within any substance. It tells us how acidic or basic is the nature of the substance. The pH levels or scale starts from 0 – 14.

  • If the water level is below seven on the pH scale, then it is acidic.
  • If the water level is above seven on the pH scale, then it is basic.
  • Drinking water should neither be below or above 7. Pure water has a pH of 7, which is perfect for drinking because it neither has acidic nor basic qualities.

There are many ways to measure pH water level, with litmus paper, as many of us have done that in school. Turning blue and turning pink paper.

But, the best way to measure the pH level in water is by a pH water meter.

pH Water Meter: 

A pH water meter is a scientific instrument that measures the hydrogen-ions activity in water solutions, which indicates whether the water is acidic or basic on the pH scale.

Now, we know it measures hydrogen-ions activity, but how does that even work? Good question. The answer is that an acidic water solution normally has more positively charged hydrogen-ions than a basic water solution. So, acidic water acts as a battery that can make a great voltage. The pH water meter takes this into accordance and acts as a voltmeter and distinguishes between these charges. Once the reading of the solution we want is done, the pH water meter than compares to the known one and uses the difference in voltage to tell apart the pH level difference between them.

pH meter works far more efficiently than any other pH testing equipment. Many companies produce pH water meters and sell them. One of them is OHAUS PH water meters

These water meters come in many shapes and sizes. Some are portable, while others are larger than most. Some are good for lab usage while others are safe for home uses.

The reason why many people keep pH water scales at home is that it is very necessary to drink pH balanced water; otherwise, it might affect your health.

Importance of Balanced pH water: 

  • This fact is something that amazes everyone, but drinking pH balanced water helps in losing weight. Considering you drink about 8 – 12 glass a day.
  • Other than fat loss, since our body is around 60% – 65% made of water, we need to keep up the levels of water intake.
  • Drinking pH balanced water can also help in keeping our muscles energized and healthy.
  • pH balanced water is perfect for our skin. If we drink water in normal quantity, our skin looks fresh and healthy. But if our water intake is low, it can cause our skin to get dry and wrinkly.
  • pH balanced water is also essential for our stomach. Often when we get stomachaches, it is cause we are either drinking unbalanced water or not drinking enough.