Why Investing in Blazer Ammunition Is a Smart Move

People who buy blazer ammunition get a top-quality, high-performing experience from a cartridge that’s very commonly used in centerfire rifles and a range of different handguns. The first reason for this is that premium materials are used in their manufacturing, meaning that investing Blazer ammunition will set you back a few more dollars than other, cheaper brands.

One of the best features of Blazer cartridges, particularly when talking about 9mm rounds, is their malleability. The fact that these brass bullets expand when fired means that they offer a much cleaner shot that won’t require you to spend hours cleaning your weapon after firing off a box or two down at the range.

This has a bearing on the accuracy too, with a much more evenly-distributed build up of pressure resulting in a faster, better controlled shot. Who doesn’t want tighter groupings right? A factor that’s very much worth paying a little bit more for, whether you’re using it for real for home defence or using it professionally.

Much Lower Chance of Misfiring Issues

Another compelling reason that points towards Blazer ammunition investment being a wide decision is the reliability the cartridges offer. Brass has always been a smoother round to use, especially as it requires no lubrication assistance to achieve a smooth action – unlike many steel rounds that need a polymer or lacquered finish during production.

The fact that it fits more snugly in the chamber and doesn’t have any kind of coating residue left behind means that you’re much more likely to be able to fire for longer before you experience stoppages or dirt-related firing problems.

An extra big tick in the ‘For’ column for brass are its anti-corrosive qualities – something that steel rounds don’t have when they’re not lacquered. If you’re in the military and you’re deployed into an area with a wet climate, it’s a benefit that becomes that much more relevant.

Is Investing in Blazer Ammunition Ever a Bad Move?

In the interest of balance, we thought we’d include a section that talks about the cons of buying brass ammunition from Blazer, but it’s hard to pick holes in a product that’s so well received and widely used. If we had to choose something, it would be the cost, as they’re typically a good deal more pricey than their steel counterparts.

All that said, there aren’t many products in any industry where spending a little more isn’t a good idea and the ammunition sector is no different. If you’re plinking on a regular basis, then you might need to think about mixing things up from a cost perspective, but if you’re relying on your weapon to protect your life, what’s a little more? And in the greater scheme of things, it is only a little more.

Better Performance, Accuracy & Durability

Why investing Blazer ammunition a good idea? Well, we’ve covered the fact that they often perform better, resulting in your gun needing fewer cleans and there’s no issue with moisture or rust either.

The cost might be a problem for some, but ultimately, how much do you want to be able to rely on the round working properly when you most need it? Your answer to that question will tell you a lot about your best course of action.