Promoting Health Business: Tips to Engage Potential Patients

There is a surge in the number of people online looking for a physician, dentist, surgeon, or even medical facility to solve their health concerns. A simple rash, sneeze, cut, or sprain will be “googled” to the advantage of health businesses promoting their services online.

How are you promoting your health business? Are you still stuck on traditional methods of sending your sales personnel door to door or office to office? Placing fliers on vehicle windscreens won’t help today, and it’s not got for the environment either.

So, how do you go about it?

Well, expanding the reach of your health business, promoting it online will work wonders. A leading medical SEO firm affirms that just about every leading modern business now uses a result-oriented digital marketing plan that is developed around advertisements, SEO, social media, analytics, among others. As you think about promotion, it is essential to note that not every approach will be useful for your health practice. For instance, contracting a marketing firm for plastic surgeon content will involve centralizing most content on the process of surgery, including cost, recovery, and results. Therefore, developing a detailed digital marketing campaign with qualified marketing professionals could be what your healthcare business needs to get ahead.

Why you need to promote your healthcare business

Today, patient satisfaction levels have drastically changed! Unfortunately, in your client’s mind, you won’t be offering top tier services by just offering the right treatment to their health problems – even though that needs to be your top priority. On top of quality treatment options, your patients expect you to offer a seamless experience and excellent customer service. According to a report by McKinsey, patients expect to get the same quality service from a health business as they would from a non-health-related business.

How do I promote my health business online?

If you are looking to promote your health business to engage more patients, you need to include various marketing strategies to boost your brand awareness.

Paid ads

SEO has proven to be an excellent tool when you are looking to promote your business online. Paid ads on social media and search engines work in the same way, but with little leg work required. Using PPC or Pay-per-click ads gets your ads at the very top of the search engine results page when a potential client searches for a relevant service you offer.

Social media

The world is on social media, and despite popular belief, it’s not a place to only sell consumer goods. There are millions of people on social media; that’s millions of potential patients waiting to engage your business. Develop content that will attract discussions and revolve around health concerns that affect them.


Videos are quite captivating, and social media is capitalizing on this. Based on recent studies, most people would rather watch a live video than go through paragraphs of content. Therefore, it only makes sense to include videos in your content development strategy.  


Compared to celebrity influencers, micro-influencers have a smaller but more loyal and engaged following on their platforms. This is because they are seen as experts, as well as trusted sources in their respective fields. Engaging them for promotion is likely to succeed because of their authenticity and passion for their work.

Email marketing

Email marketing is perhaps one of the oldest but still most effective promotion strategies. For better engagement, use personalized messages that are timely, engaging, and relevant. Also, don’t be a nuisance; avoid filling their inbox – you don’t want to get spammed.