Quartz Countertops In Edmonton & Countertop Prices Canada

Quartz countertops are a unique way to add beauty to a room while growing a serviceable counter area. We’ve built and installed many custom countertops in quartz, which offers the colour variations of natural stone; however has greater coloration consistency than granite.

There are so many quartz countertops in Edmonton, but I will mention your top 3.


PF custom countertops designs, builds, installs, and customizes granite, quartz, laminate, and solid surface countertops in step with your highest requirements and taste.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, they offer customized solutions that meet your expectations. Their workmanship is guaranteed with one to 15 years (depending on the material) warranty. Talk to one of their sales associates about the warranty of your countertop selection.


Damato is a popular rainwater fabric made from granite and marble countertops, fireworks, and granite, marble, and quartz. Their reputation is based on excellent workmanship, service and firm commitment to installation.

They firmly believe that personal reference is the last resort. A happy customer will always share and suggest their services to other people. Because of this, they do their best to provide you with the best in terms of design and performance.


StoneWorks Granite & Marble Inc., established in 2008, is a good team with over 30 years of combined experience in the stone making industry. Specializes in sales, fabrication and installation.

All centers are provided locally, with all home-made in-house in-house, allowing easy, accessible and timely services for all customers.

They have a dedicated and knowledgeable sales staff who work with you at every stage of your project to help you create an honorary consultation and estimates, color and edge selection, and an official template and installation schedule. With access to virtually any rock in Alberta, they are here to help you find the perfect piece for your project.

Reasons to choose quartz countertops:

1. Silky:

Quartz provides luster that is not found in other stone options available. This is a beautiful addition to your bathroom vanity that is available in many colors.

2. Long-lasting:

It is strong and durable in granite-like quality. It can withstand impact of a fallen product without breaking or scattering

3. Cost-effective: 

Quartz bathroom countertops cost less to maintain in Edmonton. Also, it does not need to be sealed or re-sealed like other bathroom counters.

4. Bacteria Resistant 

Quartz bathroom countertops are healthy and easy to clean. Quartz is resistant to bacteria and viruses, so it is perfect for families with children.

Countertop Prices CanadaThe cost of installing a granite countertop in a bathroom or kitchen in Canada ranges from just $ 250 to $3,400. Is greater than Basic materials cost anywhere between $150 and $1,800. Labor increases by $100 to $1,600. Depending on the size of project, the materials selected and its scope, there may be an overall increase.