QuickBooks File Doctor

Wondering what the doctor is doing here?

Well, the doctor is just like any other real-time doctor, with an agenda to diagnose and fix problems but of a QuickBooks file. 

In short, a tool specially developed to identify and fettle obstacles with QuickBooks files.

It functions to diagnose problems related to;

  1. Damaged QuickBooks data files
  2. Resolving network problems

Knowing its functionalities, if you see the system is running through these obstacles. Then it’s time to tackle them by downloading the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

Let me take you through how QuickBooks file Doctor can repair your corrupted files automatically.

  1. Company file issues

a.  Once the above file “QuickBooks ToolHub.exe” is downloaded. The next step is to install the file. The setup page looks something like this when the downloaded file is opened.

b.  Ran through all the installation steps? Now, what’s next? The tool is finally installed. And it automatically opens as soon the installation is done.

c.  All we have to do is know what types of issues you want to diagnose on your computer. 

d.  Note that QuickBooks File Doctor can only deal with the problems with file extensions like (.qbw or .qba). And later you can not expect it to fix problems of other extensions for you.

e.  Let’s say we have a company file issue, then navigate your mouse to select that option.

f.  As you see the series of steps instructed for you to follow, first is to run the QuickBooks File Doctor.

g.  Once that is configured, we can see the QuickBooks File Doctor popup opening up for you.

h.  Browse and locate your corrupted or problematic files for the File Doctor to Diagnose what’s wrong. And then click “Continue”.

i.  It asks for the admin password to hit and continue to fix the problems.

j.  After a few minutes of time, QuickBooks File Doctor is done fixing up things for you.

But there are a few problems you may face if the issues are not resolved. And that’s most of the time due to the old version of your QuickBooks Desktop.

        It is always necessary to update your QuickBooks Desktop to avoid these problems. 

Nevertheless, QuickBooks File Doctor can also help you with this. Wondering how? Well either;

  • Update your company files to the newer version of QuickBooks Desktop. And then diagnose the files to fix the issues.


  • Open the company files in the older version of QuickBooks Desktop and fix the corrupted files by diagnosing.

The only worth paying attention to is that, once the file is updated to a newer version, it can’t help you open the file in the older version and vice versa for the files diagnosed in the older version.

Once all the files are diagnosed and fixed, always make sure to have the backup of files and to update the QuickBooks.

  1. Network issues 

   The common network issues that are found are H202 and H505 errors. We can get along with is issues as well.

All these operations are well handled by the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

Here let’s see how to get QuickBooks Database Manager to help you deal with the network issues.

Before we proceed ahead. It is likely to know a little about Server and Workstations.

     The computer which has all the company files would be the main server. And all the other computers connecting to the main server becomes the workstations. In this case, there is only one server and several workstations can be present.

  a. H202

  • Firstly, install the QuickBooks Desktop. Installing QuickBooks Database Server would be a part of that installation.
  • QuickBooks Database Server Manager gives you a choice to opt for either Full Program option, which is to provide a full version for the QuickBook Desktop as well as Database Server Manager or you can always go for Server Only option to just have Server Manager for the desktop.
  • If this is done, the next installation part would be of QuickBooks Tool Hub as mentioned in our previous case above.
  • With this, we can solve our network issues by opening the QuickBooks Tool hub and then click on the Network issues.
  • Now its time to click on the QuickBook Server Manager to do the work for you.
  • If all the company files are displayed, then hit to scan. But if not then navigate it to locate the files to scan.
  • The best part is that the Server Manager automatically fixes the firewall permissions once the scanning is complete.
  • Make sure that all the workstations are in the multi-user mode. Now wondering what is this? 

 One computer gives access to multiple computers to join and work on the company files hosted by the server on all the workstations at the same time.

  • With this, if you find H202 network issues, then all you have to do is select the files and hop on to multi-user mode.

     b. H505

Seeing QuickBooks error H505 errors all along? Then come let’s solve that.

In this case, the server must be the only computer to host multi-user access. The workstations don’t get to act on this. So well keep that in mind.

  • On all the workstations just open the QuickBooks where you see this H505 error.
  • All it is to be acted upon is to open the “File” menu and click on the “Utilities” where our job is just to see if the “Multi-user Access option” is on. In case if it is on click on “Stop Hosting Multi-user Access”.
  • Similarly, do the same for all the workstations that have an H505 error.
  • Now, hop on to Server computer and check for the same by clicking on to the “File” menu and then on “Utilities”
  • Here we need to make sure to enable the “Host Multi-user Access”.
  • H505 error must be resolved after following the above steps.

  QuickBooks File Doctor can be of quick help to fix the company’s corrupted file and repair the same to have access, as well to keep a back up of the same. And on the long run, it can majorly fix up the network issues to be able to help co-workers to have access to the company files by hosting from the server computer.

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