Reasons to wear an Emerald stone

People do believe in the effects of gemstones once they are worn. They believe that, if one wears a gemstone then it can not only bring positivity to life but can also lead one to the right decision in the near future.

According to Astrological studies, there are 9 gemstones that represents 9 different planets and one can to wear them according to their birth charts. Emerald is one such gemstone.

From ancient times, this is a potent gemstone because of its high astrological values. It is a kind of a reflective stone which is also popularly known as the Panna stone. As per the Vedic astrological studies this particular gemstones signify the Mercury or the Budhha planet; which is also known as the planet of intelligence. This can reflect some positive energy of Mercury in the wearer’s life and one whose Mercury position is weak according to their horoscope chart.

When it comes to astrological studies, the planet of Mercury mostly represent the humour, sharp wit, high grasping ability, skills, the ability to speak out loud, knowledge and confidence. Mercury can also govern success in examinations, intelligence, education and more. This can be a very auspicious planet for those who are involved in occupations like news editors, famous authors, media persons, artists, writers, chartered accountants and lawyers.  When one has a strong mercurial position in the horoscope then it can bless one with joy and success. But if one has a weak Mercury position, then it can lead to anxiety and a lot of dullness in life.

Emerald is one such gemstone which has a lot of significance in both Vedic and Western astrology. It is mostly worn by people who are born in the month of May as this is considered to be their birth stone. This particular stone has a very vibrant appearance and they have an exquisite aura. They have the distinctive qualities from the planet of Mercury and this one also comes with great healing properties. So, this stone comes with a great value.

Major benefits of wearing a Panna gemstone

  • Panna can influence the intellectual progress in an individual’s life. Along with one’s natural wisdom, it can enhance the grasping capacity of them. It can also help one to have a better understanding of life, bring harmony in it and also this ignites a desire to learn among one.
  • According to astrological studies, Mercury is the planet which governs the area of art and creativity in one’s life. So, when one wears an emerald stone, then it can pour some artistic ability, thoughtfulness and innovative ideas in one. If one is a fashion designer, a painter, a musician or a writer then wearing a Panna stone can be very effective to them as it can boost the creativity level.
  • This stone is also said to help one to better their communication skills. If one suffers from the lack of confidence when it comes to keeping their perspective or point in front of others then this stone can help one a lot because wearing it can generate confidence.
  • Emeralds are considered to be very much auspicious when it comes to businessmen. If one owns a business then it is a great idea to wear this stone because it can bring profit in business.
  • If one’s child is facing some trouble or if they are weak in studies then wearing an emerald stone can be really beneficial for them. Once this stone is worn, the child can concentrate more on the studies and their lack of desire to learn more can be taken care of. If one wears this stone then they can get some success in examinations and it can also increase their grasping ability. In fact, Panna can ignite some healthy, competitive attitude among one.
  • Wearing an emerald can help one to think better. It can also help one to speak better. So this stone can be greatly beneficial when it comes to speakers, political leaders, managers and more.
  • According to many expert astrologers, wearing an emerald stone can bring a lot of love and respect in a relationship. This also grants a lot of faithfulness to the wearer. When one wears an emerald stone then it can ignite the true love in between couples. One also nurtures positive thoughts about each other. It can also help one to heal their heart and forget bad memories from the past.
  • This stone can also make one famous. It is considered as a royal gemstone since ancient times. This brings both name and fame to the wearer.

Health Benefits:

  • If one has weak Mercury position according to their birth chart then they can suffer from issues like emphysema, allergies, chronic bronchitis and more. This stone can provide relief if one has respiratory issues from allergies and other skin problems along with neurological disorders. It can also help one to attain clear speech.
  • According to Vedic astrology, this stone helps one to stay away from negative people. It makes sure that opponent never hurts the wearer.
  • This stone comes with a healing effect. It helps one who is facing difficulty in thinking and focusing on a particular thing.

Correct Way of Wearing Emerald

This is an opulent gemstone. It can give a lot of benefits when one wears it correctly. One has to wear them on their circular or little finger of the working hand. It has to be worn with a silver or a golden ring. Before wearing this particular gemstone, one has to soak it in Ganga Jal for at least 10 minutes. In order to get the maximum benefits, one has to keep the stone clean.

Before wearing emerald or any other gemstone one must consult an experienced astrologer. Not every gemstone is suited for everyone. One has to wear gemstones according to their birth chart and planet positions. If advised to wear a Panna, one can buy authentic stones from Khannagems because they deal with the certified ones.