Reasons Why Lab Technicians Use Moisture Analyzers!

Have you ever thought about how lab technicians measure the moisture content in various solid, liquid and gas products? Well, if you are looking for answers, then you are on the right page. For starters, lab technicians and other people related to such field use ‘Moisture Analyzer’ also known as ‘Moisture Balance’ to determine the moisture content in various products. 

Obviously, that not just what you have been looking for! Don’t worry as this article covers all the basic information on Moisture analyzers! So let’s dig in. 

Moisture Analyzers – Working and Principle Used:

It is obvious from the name that moisture analyzer is the instrument to trace, determine and measure the moisture content of certain products. Moisture analyzers like Radwag Moisture Analyzers from Radwag Moisture Analyzers use a thermogravimetric or gravimetric analysis method to trace the moisture contents in the samples. 

To measure the water content, the sample is first heated and then water loss is measured during vaporization through the drying process. The overall water loss is measured by observing the weight of the sample before and after the heating and drying process.

What Type of Samples Can Be Analyzed?

Any solid, liquid or gas sample that could be vaporized can be analyzed for moisture content using these analyzers. These moisture analyzers are mainly used in pharmaceutical laboratories, heating processes, controlled plastic processes, etc. moreover, the moisture content in pure semiconductor gases, dry air, paints, fabric, potting oil, and even dry fruits, etc. is also measured using these moisture analyzers!

Benefits of Moisture Analyzers:

Though there is more than one way to measure the moisture content in certain products, moisture analyzers are the ones that are frequently used. And here is a list of reasons why these analyzers are relied on for!

1. Time Efficient:

Unlike all other moisture analyzing processes, the gravimetric moisture analyzers are so far the fastest to measure the moisture. These moisture analyzers don’t take long hours to show the results. With these moisture analyzers, the laboratories can analyze a bunch of samples, as it is a quick way!  

2. Precise Results:

Another benefit of using the gravimetric moisture analyzers is the accuracy of results. There is no chance of errors and mistakes as these analyzers measure the water loss by comparing the sample weight before and after the process. 

3. Cost-Effective:

Even with a number of advantages and features, if you think that these analyzers are expensive, then you are wrong. Not just these moisture analyzers are affordable but also cost-effective. There is no or very minimal maintenance costs.

4. Flexibility:

Gravimetric moisture analyzers offer great flexibility to the lab technicians. It allows the technicians to analyze moisture in different samples under different parameters. 

5. Repeated Use:

Another remarkable feature or benefit of gravimetric moisture analyzers is that these instruments are repeatable. It allows the users to simply repeat the process again and again for different as well as the same sample. And guess what, unlike other methods, there isn’t a chance of errors.

The final verdict on the gravimetric moisture analyzer is that this instrument is, in fact, an investment for any laboratory. 

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