Reasons Why You Need a Pop Socket


The pop socket is one of the essential items for our mobile. It helps us in many ways. If you ever tried to know the reasons why you need a pop socket? Popsockets is an accessory that works as a fastener and base for your mobile equipment, which is expands or compresses thanks to a mechanism similar to that of accordions. Add only one, or a pair of Popsockets, to the back of almost any mobile device. Popsockets “comes out” every time you need a phone stand, a headphone management system, or just something to play with.

The operation of the most classic pop socket is effortless. Picked up, it looks like a sticker attached to the back of the phone, but having a telescopic system is removed and embossed, perfect to be held with your fingers. There are metallic ones designed to stick to a clean surface that can be placed, for example, in the bathroom, to listen to music during the shower, or on the dashboard, to use the phone as GPS. Others include support that facilitates the hitch, and that fulfills the same function.

Reasons why you need a pop socket

As we have said before, these pop sockets are handy tools to achieve a better fixation between the hand and the mobile phone. However, its use can go much more than that, so here are three things you will be able to do with them.

Take better selfies 

Perhaps, the best way to use this pop socket is the selfies. Have you never been afraid to take a selfies, and the mobile phone dropped? Of course, yes. With a pop socket attached, it isn’t straightforward for this to happen, since the grip you have with the smartphone is much more significant (and better). Try it as soon as you buy one.


As pop sockets are extensible, this allows the mobile phone has a position adjustment. In other words, you can put it horizontally on a table, and it will not fall. The screen will look at you without any problem.

For headphones

Popsockets are two circular suction cups with a small link that can be stretched. If you use headphones regularly, we are sure that your head has clicked: you can wind the cable right there. Not bad, huh? This will ensure that they do not end up lost in the middle of your backpack or pocket.

Other specification and reasons for pop stocks 

  • Support & expander base for innovative smartphone and tablet Compact size: only 6.3 mm thick and only 38 mm in diameter
  • Can be used in pairs to expand its functionality further
  • A secure grip for selfies, text messages, calls, photos, etc.
  • Works in portrait and landscape mode to watch videos, surf the Internet, take group photos, etc.
  • Pop Sockets can exit, lean, wrap, support, bend, grab
  • Allows your hand to rest while safely holding your phone
  • Your phone will never fall – you will never lose grip
  • It Has Pop Tek, a sticky, sticky gel pad
  • The pad is reusable, repositionable, and washable and leaves no sticky residue and adheres to different surfaces.
  • If it gets dirty when it is removed, wash it, and air dries it thoroughly to get adhesion starts.


The first Pop Socket that I stuck on the back of my phone was a gift I received in a free package from some company, in the midst of magnets, notebooks, business cards, and other temporary marketing instruments. There it was: the accessory that has surpassed selfies sticks as the most essential for cell phones in a society saturated with smartphones. When I took it out of the bag, I felt secretly delighted. So I think now you get all the reasons why you need a pop stock and how important it is for your mobile and it will works for you as a protector.