Reports Suggest Women Are More Likely to Own an iPhone Than Men

In a research article titled “Predicting Smartphone Operating System from Personality and Individual Differences”, five years ago, the researchers found out that the famous Apple iPhone is more popular among women. According to the research conducted by esteemed researchers from the University of Lincoln, Lancaster University and the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, women are most likely to be iPhone users than men. The same survey has also been conducted by various other media outlets and statistic companies.

The study was aimed at finding out if there was a gender bias in smartphone choice. To complete the survey, 500 participants were asked about themselves and their smartphone preferences. They were also asked about their average usage time, their favorite apps and the reasoning behind their inclination towards a specific smartphone manufacturer.

The results revealed that smartphone choice was indeed dependent on gender. It was also found that the type of operating system that an individual uses also reflects their personality and character. iPhone users were discovered to be mostly women and young people who were also conscious of their social image and regarded smartphones as a status symbol. Another interesting finding was that those who use Apple’s flagship smartphones were increasingly extroverted and showed lower levels of honesty and humility. Who would have thought?

On the other side of the spectrum are Android smartphone users. It was revealed that most Android users are likely to be male, older people or individuals who are not as much interested in superficial social status and wealth. While women are most likely to be iPhone users, men mostly go for Android smartphones from brands like Samsung and Huawei. These people, surprisingly, were also observed to be of introverted nature. In contrary to the iPhone users, Android users were found out to be more honest and amicable. They are also less likely to be rebellious and break rules for their personal interests.

It is quite intriguing to know how close-knitted smartphones and their user’s personalities are. In today’ modern and fast-paced era, people are dangerously addicted to the every-evolving, always-buzzing digital world and smartphones are the tiny portals to grant them access. Consequently, it is no wonder that there has come a point when smartphones have become a mini digital version of the person using it. This statement can be proved by the fact of how people around you get agitated when someone tries to poke around their smartphone since it reveals so much about them.

In addition to women being more inclined towards iPhone and men towards Android, it is also observed that iPhone users are mostly higher-income holders on average than Android users. Several similar studies have been conducted since then which have revealed more or less the same findings. Another survey revealed that women in addition to buying iPhones are also likely to invest in iPads. Every 1 in 4 women was observed to own an iPad as compared to every 1 in 6 women who use Android tablets.


Studies indicating women’s inclination towards iPhone and men’s preference of Android phone can greatly help the manufacturer in predicting the trends and redefining their marketing strategies.

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