Simple steps for repairing your windows

Windows are one of the essential parts of the house. Not only do they make your house look more aesthetic but good quality windows also make your house more energy efficient and save you money. However, with great windows comes great responsibility, the responsibility of repairing them. Normally, people hire professionals from websites such as These professionals will do all the job for you while you relax while drinking something relaxing. However, you will not always be able to contact them or hire them because it can be expensive to hire them. Therefore, you will need to know different methods too in order to bear that responsibility and repair your windows yourself using DIY methods. Nevertheless, here are some simple steps for repairing your windows:

1. Gather all necessary information

One of the most major steps for repairing your windows yourself is to gather all the necessary information related to repairing windows there is. It is very important to make sure to have all the information about a glass windows including but not limited to the requirements and restrictions of a glass window. Once, you have gathered all the appropriate information, you can easily repair the glass if you have the necessary tools, or even replace the glass if you want to replace it entirely by cutting it into the size of your previous glass. It may be wise if you call the glass window company for guidance.

2. Safety first

Secondly, after gathering all the necessary information. You will have to make sure that you wear all the safety equipment during the repairing process including but not limited to safety goggles and safety gloves because you are not a professional and it is your first time or second time repairing a window. Therefore, safety should be your first priority. Now, if your old glass window is broken, you will need to carefully remove it. In case, your old window is cracked. You should use masking tape to cover that. It will be helpful for you if you do so, as it will prevent glass pieces from shattering.

3. Remove the frame

After that, you will need to remove the frame of your old, broken glass window. It is quite essential to do it carefully and gently, so the frame does not break especially if it is a wooden frame. Furthermore, you will also need to remove the excess paint, old glazier points and glazing putty from the window.

4. Use window putty

After removing the frame, you will have to use some of the window putty, soften it and place it on the remaining sides of the frame using a putty knife, which will smoothen the frame.

5. Fix the new glass piece into the frame

Last but not the least, now all you have to do in order to complete the repairing the process is to fix a new glass piece into the frame. You will have to use glazier points in order to do that.