SpyFone: A new way for digital-age Parenting

Undoubtedly, parenting is not one for the fainthearted. Parents means lots of pressure, worries, and expectations and of course lots of responsibilities. Digitalization has made this role tougher, more demanding and challenging for you. Right?

Before the advent of technology, parents used to have worries about saving their children from bad and ugly of their physical environment, digital age parents have to worry about both physical and digital environments.

It means digital age parents have twice the job of the parents from previous generations. For every duty that you do offline, you need to do the same online in this digital age.  These days looking out lids offline alone is simply not enough as you have to help and protect them from the threats they face on the internet.

Role of SpyFone

Despite the digital age challenges and increased worries, digital age parenting is not an impossible task.  Yes, you can do it and can be the perfect parent in the world of digitization. However, your approach as a parenting role may determine the types of kids you get to raise in the end but the digital world itself can help you to sail the boat of parenting in the digital age.

Yes, for those of you wondering, smart apps like SpyFone may make it possible for you to be perfect digital-age parents. Let’s get deeper into its skin to know how SpyFone may help you tackle the challenges of digital-age parents.

Whereabouts your kids

SpyFone is the perfect platform to know the whereabouts of your kids even without unnecessary poking in their lives. You can track the locations of your kids so even if your kids are out of home late night you can be sure about their safety.

You can know where they go and can also get emergerny response in case of any emergency situation.  If your kids live in hostels, PGs or alone then SpyFone may reduce your worries.

Know the apps, sites, and platforms installed in your kids’ phone         

While playing the role of digital age parents, you need to know about the tech apps, sites, and platforms your kids are using.   You must ask your kids or check their phones to know about their internet activities and apps they are using.

But, to be more efficient you must install SpyFone on your kids’ phones to monitor the apps they have installed or accessed.  You can control the usage of apps for the kids through the SpyFone app by using the integrated parental control features of the apps. You can take help from YouTube to learn how to activate parental control features on the apps, sites, or tools your kids are using to restrict their usage.

Monitoring of their internet activities

Monitoring the activities of your kids in school or at home is not sufficient in this world of digitization. You need to monitor the online activities of your kids to keep them safe from threats like cyberbullying.  It is essential to monitor the online activities of kids as sometimes they can get engage in wrong activities as they can chat with persons that may have wrong intentions, they can indulge in online gambling and many others.

SpyFone may help you to track the online activities of your kids. Through this app you can know which apps your kids have installed, contracts on their phones, and also may know about the identities of the contracts they keep in their phones.

SpyFone may help you to know about the sites that your kids browse and you can even know about the usage of that apps or sites.  SpyFone is the better way to know about all internet activities of your kids without putting much pressure of questions on your kids.

All in all, SpyFone is the perfect app to keep tabs on your kids as it helps you to monitor your kids’ online activities or movements without putting much pressure on them.