Staying Cool: Why Natural Air Ventilation Matters

There are times when the heat can be unbearable, and most people just want to hole up in a room and enjoy the air conditioning at full blast. Plenty of people associate comfort with air conditioning, as it is often known as a form of air ventilation. However, mechanical ventilation is different from natural ventilation, as the latter is crucial to prioritise health while staying comfortable.

Whether it happens to be a business owner looking to make improvements for the office or a homeowner considering how best to tackle air ventilation in the home, here are just a few reasons why natural air ventilation matters.

Natural air ventilation is cheap, easy and convenient

While forced air conditioning might be considered one of the most convenient ways to cool down a room and raise comfort levels, it is not necessarily the cheapest solution. As a matter of fact, investing in electric window openers barely takes any effort at all. Most forms of natural air ventilation are quite easy to install, and easier still to fully maintain.

While natural ventilation relies on outside conditions to realise its potential, it does not cost anything to use. On the other hand, air conditioning can rack up the utility bills at the end of the day.

Air ventilation is undoubtedly much healthier than forced air conditioning

When it comes to matters of comfort, people will still debate that cooling the temperature with a proper air conditioner is well worth the expenses. However, in terms of prioritising health, natural air ventilation is the way to go. The problem with mechanical ventilation is that it does not necessarily do anything to flush out the air circulating around a particular room. 

For example, it does a fantastic job of keeping the office cool, but it barely does anything to help the issue of stagnant air. The longer the air hangs around a room with no other form of ventilation, the easier it will be for the air to become rife with bacteria — especially in an office setting. Even if you primarily use air conditioning, it would be wise to make use of electric openers with window controls to help flush the stagnant air and replace it with new oxygen-rich air from the outside.

Natural ventilation can save lives

In matters of life and death, natural ventilation can matter a lot more than you might think. For example, proper ventilation ensures that in the event of a fire, there is a means for the smoke to escape. If an office were to ever catch fire for one reason or another, a lack of ventilation could have disastrous results. After all, smoke inhalation causes more deaths than burn injuries during building fires.

While natural ventilation depends on the weather conditions, strategic use of automatic windows can ensure that it is always easy to flush out stagnant air and replace it with clean and fresh air from the outside. Whether at home or in the office, natural ventilation is the way to go!